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WPC Certification: A Brief overview

If you want to import wireless products in India, you need WPC certificate. Issue by the Wireless Planning and Coordination wing, this license is consider to be the most significant registrations within the telecom industry.

Therefore, in this article, you’ll glance at the brief overview of the WPC certificate.

What is WPC certificate?

WPC certificate is the equipment type approval issue to the importers of products that work on de-license frequency bands. Also known as WPC ETA certificate, they are issue by the Wireless Planning and Coordination wing, who do so under the guidance of Department of Telecommunication.

The DOT has mandate all the products that are working at a de-license frequency can only be import if the importers have ETA license. Read more: ILD License

Is WPC certificate Mandatory for all types of wireless products?

Yes, WPC certificate is mandatory for all types of wireless products because such products work within de-licensed frequency bands. However, once the ETA license is issue to the importer based on his product’s frequency band. Other products working on the same band won’t require ETA certification.

Simply put, ETA license is issue to the frequency, not the product. If you obtain the license for your frequency, importers of products that work within the same frequency won’t require any further certification.

What is the procedure to acquire the ETA Certificate for import?

The Standard procedure to obtain ETA license is as follows;

  1. Testing the product: First, the applicant must reach out to an independent lab to get the RF test results of the product.
  2. Filing the online application: Saralsanchar portal has options that the applicant can use to file the online application for ETA certification.
  3. Payment of application fees and downloading the application form: Once the applicant has filled the online application, they need to download the filled application form.
  4. Submission of documents and the sample of wireless product: The applicant then has to submit the documents, along with the hard-copy of the application form and the sample of the wireless product to the WPC cell in their region.
  5. Assessment and certification: Wireless Planning and Coordination wing will first assess the application form and the documents. If no issues are found, it starts assessing the wireless product. If the product works within the de-license band, the applicant is issued ETA certificate for import. Read more: DPL License

What are the documents one needs to obtain WPC certificate?

The documents required for WPC certificate are as follows:

  1. Test report from an independent test lab
  2. Manufacturing license of the product
  3. Letter authorizing an Authorized Indian Representative to fill the application form.
  4. Details of the Authorized Indian representative
  5. Manufacturing license of the wireless product issued by the authority of its country of origin.


There are several pointers that one needs to keep in mind when filing the application to obtain ETA license. However, the most important among them can only be filled by experts. If the above steps are too vague for, you can dive deeper and get their technical understanding with the aid of our ETA  consultants. We can help you acquire the certification you need to import wireless products in India.

WPC certification is require for import and manufacturing of wireless products. Read this brief overview about WPC certificate and for more details, feel free to contact us.

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