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Workflow and Benefits of Microsoft Power Automate


Power Automate is a new business system from Microsoft that permits you to combine and synchronize all data analysis and applications in an automated way. However, It helps to increase productivity and business efficiency. Power automates allow you to link two or more applications and it also manages action that automates the most daily business procedure. It authorizes having a practical flow without generating code. If you are looking to pursue your career in this field and want to learn about Power Automation, then you must join Microsoft Power Automate Desktop Training Institute in Gurgaon for complete information.

Workflow of Power Automate:

Power Automate is a tool for automating procedures and tasks by linking various applications and platforms. We connect different types of Microsoft Office 365 applications to each other. Moreover, it also helps to connect large libraries of other applications, but in clouds and on-premises conditions. You can create Automations very easily and rapidly, which indicates users with even a fundamental knowledge of Office 365 can develop essential automation to make day-to-day business life simple.

Power Automate workflow is based on triggers and actions.

  • A trigger helps to starts the flow such as receiving an email with an attachment.
  • On the other hand, an Action takes place when the flow is triggered. The flow will copy the email extension to OneDrive. A flow can contain one or more actions.

There are a few cloud flows that include-:

  • Automated-: It is a flow that was triggered by an event. It is one of the most ordinary types of flow. This event operates as the trigger for the workflow to begin. This can be a very easy Flow, when you add an item into a SharePoint list or a file is added into a SharePoint document library, then you want this action to trigger a workflow method and begin approval automatically. There is an important thing that we don’t need any action from the user for this process to trigger accordingly.
  • Instant Flows-: These Flows need some sort of interaction for the workflow. There are various triggers functional to create instant Flows. In fact, there is some trigger for Instant Flows we can operate and call Flow Buttons.
  • Scheduled Flows-: These Flows run on a specific schedule we can kick off from the second tier to the day level and anything in between. Scheduling automatic reminders is the most suitable example.

Benefits of Power Automate:

Cost Saving-: Microsoft Power Automation is cheaper than other RPA platforms. Power Automate allows you to decrease handling expenses by substituting third-party BPM tools. Power Automate can slide into your current business architecture with ease.

Enterprise Architecture-: Microsoft Power Automate facilitates this interplay by lowering costs and allowing more fluid automation options at a similar time. Power Automate is the best option for numerous organizations that are already operating Azure servers, Office 365, and SharePoint.

Functionality-: RPA initially targeted the local architect as the person that would create and operate automation across the business. Microsoft Power Automate presents a much more instinctive user interface, boasting a user-friendly drag and drop knowledge.

How does MS Power Automate assist you?

It permits to automate both inheritance applications, such as terminal emulators, current web and desktop applications, Excel files, and folders. Link with the device using application UI elements, images, or coordinates.


In this article, we discussed the workflow and the benefits of Microsoft Power Automate. Automating repetitive tasks assists you to save time, increase productivity, and improve the quality of project results. There are many Microsoft Power Automate Desktop Online Training running on various websites from where you can learn how to use Power Automate in detail.

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