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Wind Powered Cars: The Future Of Automobiles

Wind powered cars, also called wind cars, are an invention of the future. Their technology is something that seems to be taken from a science fiction book or movie. In fact, it is an invention that has been in the works since the end of WWII and can be seen in many forms. Some of these forms include “wind powered” motorcycles, boats, cars, and even planes. This article will be focusing on the wind powered cars that are closest to us in our everyday lives.

Being one of the millions of Americans without an electric car or any other green vehicle, I have recently taken interest in these vehicles because they are different from what is usually seen on the street these days. In fact, I find it very interesting that a car could run without using any gas at all. Not to mention, they can actually go really fast! With this in mind, I decided to do some research and will be sharing my results with you here today.

Wind Cars Use An Alternate Source For Energy To Move.

Air is pushed from behind the wind car, pushing it forward. This simple concept actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Airplanes use this same theory to fly and they can even go much faster than a car with proper aerodynamics. For this same reason, a lot of work has gone into producing a wind car that can go at least 100 mph.

The first place to start with a wind car is probably the engine. Or specifically, the drivetrain. Manufacturers use a high-performance gearbox in their cars which makes it possible for them to climb steep hills and travel long distances on little fuel (or in this case, no fuel).

A wind powered car produces its own electricity by using an alternator connected directly to the vehicle’s engine. It is powered by the rotation of the wheels, much like a hybrid or electric car. But it can generate more electricity than these cars because it also includes the heat energy from the exhaust system. This feature makes this type of car very unique and could help solve the energy crisis America is currently facing.

Wind Cars Produce Their Own Electricity By Using An Alternator Connected Directly To The Vehicle’s Engine

When it comes to storage, wind cars can store a lot of energy in batteries. And this helps them travel much further than other vehicles (even electric or hybrid cars). All of the energy used to run the car comes from its own self-generated electricity by using wind power.

Now, this technology exists but is not yet available on the market. Currently, there are prototypes that can go at least 100 mph and travel at least 200 miles without any fuel at all! The first working prototype was the Ventmobile. But its design is now used as a platform for other wind-powered vehicles.

“Currently there are prototypes that can go at least 100 mph and travel at least 200 miles without any fuel at all!”

As of right now, this technology has not been put on the market and one reason could be because it requires improvements in the design of the vehicle. The other reason might be that oil prices are still too low to justify spending money on this type of technology.

While the price for wind cars is high right now. It should come down once more people start buying them because of their lower gas consumption. This would mean less demand for non-renewable fossil fuels. The reason why wind car prices are so high is that the supply for this type of technology is low. Making the price stay relatively high.

“The other reason might be that oil prices are still too low to justify spending money on this type of technology.”

Well, there you have it! If you can’t afford an electric car or another green vehicle, maybe you can try something like this.

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