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Why to Need to Convert PPT to PDF?

Introduction of PPT to PDF

Microsoft PowerPoint or simply PPT is used abundantly to create corporate as well as educational slides. The slides can’t be created in any other format other than PPT, however, when we transfer PPT file from one device to any other, the format and visuals get disrupted.

The PDF, however, is a notable file format for preserving file formats. In order to maintain slides formatting and composition, PPT files are converted to PDF files. The converting process of PPT to PDF is done using online ppt to pdf converter online.

Why convert PowerPoint slides to PDF

You might consider encrypting the presentation with a password if your presentation contains critical information intended only for specific eyes only. It is possible to encrypt PDF files extremely safely and to auto-delete after a period of time. Thus, the account logins and password encryption give added peace of mind while sharing.

As a PowerPoint presentation becomes more sophisticated and lengthy, the larger the whole file becomes. Several problems might occur when you run your large presentation. PDFs remove this problem by compression, which leads to an uninterrupted presentation.

Creating your slides using PowerPoint require the use stylish fonts and themes. However, if you have to share it to anyone who already didn’t have these fonts, it’ll obviously creates mess. PDFs resolve this problem by keeping exactly the original design, and all the elements are waiting for you regardless of which device they are opened.

Advantages of Converting PPT to PDF 

The PDF have several advantages over PPT files, as they are portable ad able to compress heavy files. Some of the major benefits of converting PPT to PDF however are mentioned as under.

The “P” in PDF stands for Portable and no doubt PDF is the most portable file format. Being the portable one the PDF file can be shared with much ease and without occupying much space as compared to PPT slides.

PDF also being the compact format that preserves your data when sent across different devices. So, the layout, pictures, formatting and information won’t be relocated or lost after it’s transferred, as it happened in PPT slides transfer. 

PDF files guarantee the quality that was initially generated, therefore presentation becomes more effective. No matter which device, version, software or projector is being used the original quality will not be affected in PDF format.

Software and apps update as the technology advances. Version upgrades have rendered obsolete documents, presentations, and spreadsheets from old version machines. The same happens with PPT software as well, however, PDF files, works in the same manner no matter how many updates occur.

Can we convert PDF again to PPT slides? 

For sure any file that has been convert large pdf to ppt, originally from PowerPoint slide can be reconverted. Using PDF to PPT tool any Portable document file could be converted efficiently and conveniently to PPT slide share.

Can we convert PowerPoint slides to other file formats?

PowerPoint slides that we require in some other format other than PDF can make it possible. However, PPT can’t be directly converted to other formats like, JPG, Word or Excel. By converting them PDF file format initially and then to required format i.e. Word, JPG, Excel, we can convert PowerPoint to other file formats.

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