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Why Euroshield Roofing Calgary Is The Best Fit For You?

Asphalt shingles, metallic roofing, or Euroshield roofing Calgary; homeowners are often found confused about the roofing choices. Different roofing materials such as asphalt shingle felt roofing and metallic roofing have long stayed in the market with their own pros and cons. Several questions circle the mind while making a decision. These include inspecting the material best fitting the climate. Weighing the pros and cons. And analyzing the expected cost. To get this service click here.

Rubber roofing has left behind all the competitors, be it asphalt, felt roofing, or metallic roofing. It is certified to perform well even in extreme climate zones with its remarkably unique properties. Looking for rubber roofing near me would help you reach roofing service providers. Contacting such services will help you understand your roofing needs and choose the best roofing material for your homes.

Modern roofing solutions such as rubber roofing have made a place. In all the world’s major economies. Due to the increasing demand for rubber roofing in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. Many investments have been recorded. Most rubber roofing investors are from North America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. The growth graph is expected to grow upwards during 2021-2025.

Euroshield Roofing Calgary

Why Rubber Roofing?

Roofing experts recommend rubber roofing as the best solution for flat roofs compared to asphalt. Asphalt shingles pose problems in adjusting. To flat roofs due to a lack of gravitational pull. Moreover, the thermoplastic nature of rubber roofing helps withstand. The wear and tear of the harsh climate. Moisture resistance and higher tensile strength speak for its years-long durability. Resulting in a satisfying user experience.

Euroshield Roofing Calgary outshines felt roofing when it comes to resisting winds, UV radiations, and heat. It is easier to maintain and repair than deemed roofing due to its remarkable tensile properties. The effortless installation process makes it a win-win situation when choosing between different roofing materials.

Still not convinced? We understand your questions. How long does it last? How much does it cost? Is it environmentally friendly? Does it require repetitive maintenance?

Let’s get a detailed overview of the merits of rubber roofing to help you get answers to all your questions.


One of the golden points of the Euroshield roofing Calgary is its flexibility to various climates. It performs exceptionally well against winds, moisture, UV radiations, and extreme heat. The flexibility of the roofing material helps it adjust to any roof type, be it slanting or flat. In addition, it holds the capacity to move with the roof in seasonal changes such as contraction or expansion while effectively covering gaps, seams, and holes. Here it displays a competitive advantage over metallic roofs, which can leave a hole when fasteners loosen out during weather changes.


The raw material of rubber roofing offers it an unmatchable tensile strength with a minimum warranty of 30-40 years. One can also enjoy rooftop gardening with 0% seepage properties of rubber roofing. However, the durability of rubber roofing depends a lot on the proper installation. Improper installation can result in improper water drainage, gaps, holes, dents, etc., which reduces the life of roofing material. Therefore, pay particular focus to the installation protocols shared by the manufacturer to enjoy an unhitched experience.


Rubber roofing offers the best resistance to external dangers, thanks to its unique chemical nature. The single chemical bond in the structure with ethylene, propylene, and diene monomers, makes it repel hazardous environmental changes. In addition, the wide-ranged resistive properties play a significant part in enhancing the lifespan of rubber roofing. Rubber roofing remains intact and resistive against all the external dangers such as steam, heat, insect, molds, mildews, acids, solvents, ozone, or damaging UV radiations. Rubber roofs have also been tested against different brake fluids, Skydrol, and hydraulic fluids.


Rubber roofing is packaged in rolls, which offers convenience in the installation process. As opposed to asphalt shingles and metallic roofing, no welding tools or complex machinery is involved in the process. Installation involves three simple steps; inspection, preparation, and rolling out. Rubber roofing can be installed without any professional aid. However, hiring professional rubber roofing services near me would help mark all nicks, holes, and damaged areas requiring special attention. A cutter, roofing material, and an adhesive are all that you need to install rubber roofing.


Maintenance of Euroshield roofing Calgary is much inexpensive, yet it plays a central role in roofing material performance. It requires nearly zero professional help as the cracks and gaps seal with a sealant or heat application. A caulking gun makes the same process easier with added precision. Keep inspecting the roof from time to time for the presence of any mildews, molds, nicks, holes, gaps, cracks, etc. Use a mop to clean any disinfection. Avoid using complex metallic instruments or rough bristle brushes to damage the roofing material. Walking with pointed shoes on the roofing also poses a risk to the sustainability of rubber roofing.

Energy Efficient

Statistics report that a significant portion of the monthly domestic budget is spent on heating or cooling homes. Cut your heating and cooling expenses by choosing rubber roofing, as it acts as a heat insulator. It traps heat in winters and reflects it efficiently in summers, thus keeping your home at the best temperature. It also helps to reduce one’s carbon footprint by cutting down on energy costs. To sum up, choosing rubber roofing is an excellent way to reverse the environmental damage to some extent as an individual.

Euroshield Roofing Calgary


With each passing day, the world is moving towards sustainable choices, be it the industry of garments, fashion, or other daily life choices. As a result, people are now more inclined towards recycling and reusing existing material. Such an initiative saves energy on building something from raw materials as it bypasses the initial manufacturing steps. Rubber roofing also works on a similar approach as it is 100% recyclable. It is a perfect eco-friendly approach with recyclable raw materials of silica, slate dust, and rubber tubes. More Info.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact the nearest “rubber roofing near me” supplier to finalize a quote for rubber roofing.

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