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Which Beard Hair Transplant Method Is Most Appropriate For Men?

Are you suffering from poor growth of beard on your face? If yes, then you are not alone in this realm. There are many males that do not have fuller growth of beard due to specific reasons. However, causes might vary from person to person, but they could be due to genetics, surgeries, or certain medical conditions. Well, cosmetic science has paved the path to growing facial hairs naturally with beard transplants. It is a popular surgical procedure that every man wants to get. But, not everyone could be the right candidate for this procedure. There are several things to consider and determine the right prospects of this treatment.

Who needs to have beard hair restoration?

If you have a genetic loss of hairs, injuries and burns, and facial hair loss with spots, you can have this treatment. With this treatment, you can have fuller growth of hairs again on your face. This can give you confidence by improving your aesthetic looks. However, before this procedure, the hair surgeon might take some important considerations to determine whether you are a good candidate. It might include a medical examination, inspecting bald spots on the face, and examining the donor areas as well.

The best method for beard hair restoration

There is no doubt to mention that the traditional method of facial hair transplant has become outdated now. The innovative and advanced techniques have taken over the old-school techniques effectively. Therefore, now you can have a more precise, less-invasive, and result-oriented beard implant. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the highly preferred method used for beard restoration. It is undoubtedly an upgraded form of strip-based hair restoration, which is known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). Professional hair surgeons recommend this method because of several reasons. The first thing is this treatment is precise and quality-driven. There is also no downtime, fewer side effects, and less scarring with this treatment. However, this treatment could be longer, but it can provide natural-looking results.

What is an FUE beard transplant?

This procedure involves the removal of hair grafts from the donor site to be implanted on the bald areas. The hairs would be extracted using a punch by the surgeon on the back and sides of the head. These are the areas where you can see healthy grafts more than the top of the head. So, the grafts would be removed and placed in the solution. Then the surgeon would make tiny incisions on your face where they need to be implanted. However, the smart FUE techniques can also add speed to the process by using mechanical aids. The procedure could take 3 to 5 hours following local anesthesia. However, once the process is completed, you will have less discomfort and pain, unlike traditional hair transplant methods.

Why FUE is the best beard hair restoration method?

Beard transplantation with Follicular Unit Extraction will involve the areas like chin, cheeks, mustaches, and their connection to the beard. This is an advanced technique that can provide you with good results. There are some potential reasons why this is the best method. They are as follows.

No large scar

Everyone scares from the scars as they look ugly and often take longer to demolish effectively. However, with FUE facial hair restoration, you do not need to worry about a scar. This method is entirely based on the individual extraction of hairs, so there is no need to make a scar to remove the strip of grafts. The surgeon will gently remove each follicle and implant it on the target spots. Thus, it will not leave any linear scarring on your face.

Less pain

Pain is inevitable when it comes to getting a surgical procedure of beard transplant. However, you cannot get rid of it entirely but can decrease the degree of pain to a significant extent with FUE. This procedure is minimally invasive than other procedures. Thus, you will have less pain and discomfort. In addition to this, this procedure would take less time to recover after the procedure. You can also go back to your home after completing the procedure. There is also no risk to your health by getting this procedure done on your facial skin.

Natural-looking results

You would only want to spend bucks on facial hair restoration when you have assurance for achieving natural results. So, it is undoubtedly a smart decision to opt for the FUE procedure. This is the precise procedure that will provide you with grafts that are really required to cover your face with a beard. This procedure also causes less wastage of follicles than other procedures. Therefore, when the grafts are implanted into your skin, they will grow back naturally. It will give a defined and improved look to your beard that will reflect your true manhood. You will experience full results in 8-9 months.

To sum up

FUE beard transplant is the best method in the context of facial hair restoration. It is the best-suited procedure that can suit specific conditions of individuals. You can get this procedure done inside the clinic of a hair surgeon. The results would be natural and valuable when you get it done by a professional surgeon. So, book a consultation today with a reliable hair restoration clinic to get the best solution to grow your beard naturally.  

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