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Which are the best Skipthegames alternatives

We want to give you a brief explanation of how we created this list to introduce you to the best websites like Skipthegames. Skipthegames itself is an alternative to Backpage. Skipthegames is the same ad site as Backpage and Pornoge, which are the most popular ad sites. However, Skipthegames attracts the most attention mainly through adult/escort and sex ads. Of co Which are the best Skipthegames alternatives

We want to give you a brief explanation of how we created this list to introduce you to the best websites like Skipthegames. Skipthegames itself is a Backpage alternatives. Skipthegames is the same ad site as Backpage and Pornoge, which are the most popular ad sites. However, Skipthegames attracts the most attention mainly through adult/escort and sex ads. Of course, there are non-adult and purely commercial ads as well. Therefore, each Skipthegames alternative you see below meets one or both of the following requirements: 1. It must be an advertising site. 2. It contains adult/escort listings. On these sites, you can find some regular products/services and some that require some privacy or confidentiality. So let’s get started.

How to stay safe on Skipthegames alternatives

This is both a safety guide and a disclaimer. Websites like Skipthegames are an ideal breeding ground for scammers, catfishers, blackmailers, etc. This is because the platform needs more security and verification requirements. Therefore, to avoid losing your money, privacy, or anything else, we recommend that you follow the steps below:

First, make sure that whatever you are buying (including prostitution items) is legal in    your area.

Do not provide any personal information (such as your name, address or phone number) before completing the transaction.

Do not carry cash, wallet or ID when meeting with an adult service provider. Never bring them into your home (this can lead to identity theft, robbery, blackmail and other problems).

 We recommend that you use a false name when registering. Also, consider using a second contact number. It will probably work since these sites do not require verification.

 There is almost no upfront payment, not even a “shipping fee,” since you may never receive the package. If you must do this, make sure you get tracking information or other data that helps you verify the product’s existence/delivery.

 For adult/personal services, save screenshots of the provider’s advertisements and links. This way, you can prove that everything is approved and you’re not forcing yourself on anyone.

Paying using digital methods is best as you have proof of payment in case you need it later. The second best payment method is cash (especially for adult services).

Always make sure it’s genuine before paying for adult services. Ask the person to video call you. If that is not possible, ask for a voice note with their username or specifics. A photo with a specific number of fingers in a particular pose can also help.

 When buying a vehicle or hiring someone for a job, check the history of that vehicle or person.

 Do not click on links shared in these ads. These can lead to malicious or fake websites and cause financial or digital loss.

Use common sense and skip the game on all ads: If the pictures and information seem too good to be true, they probably are.

1. Locaxlist 

Locaxlist is basically like the dating and adult services section of Skipthegames, except for “married and married people.” Picture this: Locaxlist is a party where everyone knows the other person is married or has been married but is still looking for a new partner, usually of a sexual nature. You can join alone, but please note that others may not be able to enter. By its very nature, it values​​”anonymity.” Locaxlist doesn’t care who you are and makes sure that this information isn’t readily available to others. You can hide your profile picture using masks and edits. You can also create “private” albums that no one can access unless you manually grant them access. There is also a “flyer” feature that allows you to select people from other parts of the world and meet them when they arrive at your destination. Perfect, right? You might say I’m biased, but 60 million users would disagree. In fact, “active users” is another reason why I think it’s one of the best alternatives to Skipthegames. Do you like flirting on your phone? Vocalist has a sleek app for Android and Apple apps that lets you stay connected wherever you are. And the best part? The app is “masked” too. Even if someone checks your phone, they won’t know it’s Locaxlist. To keep the platform safe and spam-free, Locaxlist is free for women. It’s also free for men, but some features require payment.

2. Localxlist.com

It is one of the most popular casual dating sites on this list, with over 1 million registered users. If you are using Skipthegames as a platform to find beautiful escorts, this is the perfect alternative for you. However, the user interface is different. AFF is not like a simple ad site; it is an extended social network. You need to register to access it. Once you’ve registered, you can create a profile, upload photos, post to your feed, react to other people’s posts (likes and comments), and even search for users by interests, fetishes, etc. In fact, there are about 100 search filters to help you find exactly who you’re looking for. And, of course, there’s live chat, and you can even join live video streams for entirely free. Hints and gifts help you interact. No authentication other than your email is required, so your identity is protected. Please note that AFF is banned in many countries, and you will need an IP address to access it. Let’s move on to the next Skipthegames alternative.

3. Find Bare

Find Bare is similar to Locaxlist in many ways. It is also an anonymous and discreet dating app. Its main user base is made up of married/engaged people who are looking for more adventure in their lives. Currently (January 2024), the app has around 4.2 million registered users. Around 16,000 members are added every day. Those are quite a few options, right?  Due to its nature, it places great importance on anonymity and privacy. Phone verification and image uploading are not required. You can also mask, blur, and add other elements to your profile picture. You can also use search filters to find “people nearby easily.” You can also search by region, age group, profiles with or without photos, etc. Not enough? Other filters let you search by hair colour, smoking/drinking habits/weight/piercings/libido/tattoos/what turns you on/relationship status, etc. When you go to a profile, most of these details are listed there, so you know clearly who you’re looking at. There’s also a “panic” button in case your wife or girlfriend comes in. You’ll also see who has “liked” you or “visited” your profile.  Signing up, viewing profiles, and most other features are free, but there are paid plans available starting at $200 per year.

4. Porn Pander

This is basically Skipthegames but for adults only. Yes, it is obviously an ad site. Just visit the page, chooses your country and state, and start browsing—no registration is required. Yes, there is a long list of countries available. Since these are exclusively “adult” sites, the search filters are specially tailored to them. You can choose between escorts/body massage/strip clubs/swinger clubs/BDSM, etc.  You can also choose between female/shemale/M4M escorts etc. The listings are very detailed. You don’t even need to register.

In most cases, your contact information is published directly with the ad.  Posting ads is allowed, but only for users over 21 (there is no verification). There are many other rules on adult ad sites, but not many people abide by them. Advertising is not free and usually costs around 100 dollar per year (this can vary depending on various factors).

5. Pornaroma 

Another Pornaroma alternative focuses mainly on adult entries. The name literally means “skip the games and get to the point.” No registration is required at any time in Canada/US/UK/Asia and other regions. Just choose your location, select a listing and contact us. Using the filters, you can search for female and male escorts, male escorts for female escorts, best trans escorts, web female entertainers, Dom/fetish providers and more. You can also specify race, body type and more—for example, blonde, Asian, slim, etc. The entries are generally very detailed and include height, weight, size, tattoos and everything else. Every listing also has a “Call me” button. Of course, the number is carried over, too, so you can skip the button and call directly. There is also a list of things escorts are willing/unwilling to do. I like that the site has a lot of “safety tips” to help you stay safe.

6. My porn ads

Imagine a website that is basically a list of escorts and other similar service providers. That’s precisely what My Porn Ads is. It is currently available in Canada, the US, Europe and Oceania. All you have to do is select your city/region, and the list of escorts will appear. These look exactly like classified ads and contain information about the services offered and contact options. Some ads contain multiple photos and sometimes even videos. An important feature that other Skipthegames alternatives need is the ratings/comments. You can read feedback from other users on each entry. This can be very helpful in getting to know the provider and identifying any scams. Be aware that reviews may be fake. There are no search filters other than city/region. You cannot search for anything else, only escorts and dates.

7. Pornpair

PornPair has a black-and-white interface, but it has a simple look and feel. The top bar displays the main categories: housing, jobs, services, and community. Currently, there are about 10 million entries, which says a lot about the user base and activity. There is also a filter available that allows you to set minimum/maximum prices, so everything you see always fits your budget. There are some security features, such as some ads having a “verified” tag, which means they are more trustworthy than others. You can also create automated notifications for specific triggers so that you’ll be notified when a new entry is added to a particular category, for example. This requires registration, though. Posting ads is free unless you choose a “premium” listing, which costs $200 a year but gives you more exposure because your ads are automatically pushed above other listings. There weren’t many “adult” listings, but the “services” category had a few listings for messages and explicit topics.

8. Adultpager

Adultpager can be an excellent alternative to Skipthegames. Although the site officially allows all kinds of listings, it only promotes adult listings, and it often contains a ton of adult listings there. Of course, you can also choose from a long list of categories, including electronics, marketing, real estate, childcare, and more. Some of the more exciting entries are escorts only, body massage, and more. Why is it so low on the list of alternatives to Skipthegames? This is a US-only platform, so you need to be in the US to use it. The interface is straightforward and sometimes even needs to be updated. The entries could have been more meaningful to me, too. However, you’ll definitely see contact numbers. No registration is required.

9. Escort Meta 

Do we need to explain Craigslist? If you know Skipthegames, you’ve probably heard of Craigslist. In fact, it’s not wrong to say that Skipthegames (2018) is heavily inspired by Craigslist (1995). So far, it’s available in the United States, Escort Meta in Canada, Europe, Asia, all areas, the Pacific, the Middle East, Oceania, Latin America, and Africa. Of course, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t find on Craiglist. Yes, this also includes adult listings if you know where to look. You need to search in the “Missing Contacts” or “Casual Dating” categories. The search filters are one of the best because they change depending on the “category” you are browsing. For example, in the real estate category, you will see “X BHK/Furnished/EV Charging” and other related filters. Filters vary for different categories depending on the product. Posting is free for most categories except the Houses/Apartments and Offices categories. No registration is required. You can enter your email and number in this field, but you can choose who has access to it.

10. Datingroot

This is similar to Skipthegames in that it is also an ads site. It is different because adult ads are not prioritized. The main categories are vehicles, pets, real estate, community, etc. Posting an ad is completely free and does not require registration. It is instant and does not require any email or phone number verification. You can “hide” your phone number with the click of a button. There are third-party ads, but these ads are not ads for your listings but ads for third-party websites such as Google. However, it’s a shame that there are no search filters.  It’s not geographically global, but you can access it from the US, UK, India, Canada, and six other countries.

11. Pornmilan

If you use Skipthegames because adult ads bother you, Pornmilan is the best alternative. This is simply because it is also a classified site with four main sections: Vehicles/Work/Home & Office, and Pets. Of course, there are other categories, such as vans, cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. The listings are straightforward and often include a contact number, a website, and a basic description of the services offered. The date the ad was created is also displayed. This will tell you which ads are active and which are inactive (basically ancient ads). I’ve seen a lot of fake listings, though, so I recommend being careful.  Browsing and posting ads is free. You don’t need to register to browse, though. Posting, however, is only possible with an account. There are no very advanced search filters, though. But the presence is impressive, with entries from almost every major country in the world.

12. Pornvelly

After Craigslist, it is probably one of the oldest classified sites here, having been established in 1998. The total number of applications is about 150,000 as of November 2023, which is a considerable number. The ads cover everything out there. This includes jobs, vehicles, services, real estate, pets, selling, escorting companies, announcements, and more. There are not many adult listings if that’s what you’re looking for. The site is accessible and has applications from all over the world. It has better search filters than most of the other options here, if not the best. You can choose a main category and then a subcategory, and of course, you can select “Location”. There’s a “love” button that lets you contact the person who posted the ad

In some cases, the ad description will also include direct contact information. You do not have an account registered, including responding to ads. Registration is required to post ads.

13. Pornoge

After Backpage went offline, many Backpage alternatives appeared. Skip the games was one of them, but Pornoge was arguably even more popular. It’s a straightforward classifieds site. You can find escorts, strippers, fetish partners, and even casual dates there. Of course, all sorts of “non-personal” services and goods are available, such as cars, appliances, pets, real estate, baby care, and municipal services. No registration is required. Just visit the website and choose your location and services. The site is also very active, and you will find hundreds of entries in almost every category. Mobile numbers, locations, prices and most other information are often displayed transparently. If you want to sell escort services or anything else, you can post your ad on Pornoge. Of course, this requires registration and only Gmail is accepted.

14. PornLava

Looking at the name, it is definitely a Skipthegames alternative. The interface is almost identical to Backpage. Yes, even the colours. This site is also only available in the US. Select your region/state on the homepage. Then, you can choose a category. They have all the categories that a Skipthegames alternative has to offer, including escorts, dominatrix, strippers, massage, body massage, and more. Yes, of course, you can also buy and sell cars, houses, services (education/babysitting/gardening) etc. It is also a great platform if you are looking for a gay site like Skipthegames. It has similar categories like “men for men”, “women for women” etc.  It seems to have a pretty active user base, and I have never been disappointed with the listings. The listings are very informative, and contact numbers and other details are readily available. FAQs Now, we have a long list of Skipthegames alternatives. Now, you might have some questions. Let us clear these up for  you.

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