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What you need to know about Pilot Training Services and courses

Your dream to fly the plane comes true with us. We at Hercules aviation academy ensure that all aspiring students get trained in a professional environment for the future to come. For this, we take care the programs of our academy are updated constantly to meet the dreams of the candidates. Although many candidates are getting a pilot license, they find it difficult to become a well-trained pilots. To overcome this gap, we introduced the well-structured ATPL Cadet Pilot program.  

Our entire team is ready to train the candidates with diversified services and courses. Let us look at the services and courses offered by the academy.  


Services offered by Hercules  

Computer number  

The computer number is the exclusive identification number that the candidates can avail of at the Central Examination Organization or DGCA to be present for the pilot examinations.  

Candidates apply for Computer numbers right after receiving 10th and +2-mark sheets or pass certificates from their education boards.  

Medical Examination   

Before starting the flying training, the candidates need to ensure that they are medically fit by undergoing a class 2 examination held by any doctor on the DGCA panel.  

Here we should keep in mind that the Class 2 examination is applied for flying training, and for getting a pilot license, one should undergo a Class 1 medical examination.  


Our motto is to provide focus driven training to the candidates, and as a part of that, we also offer accommodation to the candidates. The candidates can avail themselves of a single room, two sharing and three sharing rooms based on their comfort levels.  

The room rent might vary from 10000 to 17000 based on the type of room chosen. Laundry, washing machine, breakfast, dinner, indoor sports, unlimited coffee, and free Wi-Fi are some of the facilities you can have at the accommodation.   

Visa application  


We also help the candidates with the application and processing of their VISA. Our team of executives will thoroughly verify the documentation required for the VISA processing. However, these services are provided exclusively for the HATS students or those who are a part of any of our international training programs.  

Documents required for VISA application   

  • Officially issues pilot training invitation as proof of acceptance  
  • A letter from the flight training academy  
  • Proof of residence that you stay in your home country  
  • Proof of funding  

Courses offered at Hercules.  

The Cadet Pilot program is the training offered by the pilot training centres and the airline to become the successful pilots of the country. With Hercules, you can get some of the best cadet pilot programs like  

ATPL Zero  


Hercules came forward with the most sophisticated Integrated ATPL course in India that provide the airline pilot license to the students at Zero fees. This option is only for the candidates who get selected on merit for the entrance test of ATPL.   


  • Commercial Pilot License with single-engine and multi-engine Instrumental rating  
  • Experience of Glass Cockpit Flying on Garmin 1000  
  • Training for three years with 2000 hours (about two and a half months) of flying each day  
  • A brighter chance to enrol for graduation  
  • Three lac fifty thousand rupees worth of scholarships  
  • An opportunity to get an internship  

cadet pilot

ATPL Cadet Pilot Program  

ATPL is one of the most affordable Pilot Training programs HATS has. This training process provides a Commercial Pilot License and Airline Transport License to the candidates. The training lasts for three years, and the key features include  

  • Glass cockpit Flying on Garmin 1000  
  • Flight instructor rating  
  • 2000 hours (about two and a half months) of flying in 3 years  
  • A chance to graduate and earn an internship  
  • An opportunity to make a scholarship worth 3 lac and fifty thousand  

CPL India  

The Commercial Pilot License course allows you to be a commercial pilot after completing flying training in 12 months. Some of the key features of the course include  

  • 185 hours (about one week) of flight training in Single Engine Aircraft  
  • Practicum of 15 hours on a Multi-Engine aircraft  
  • Best opportunities to join Internships based on performance  
  • Commercial Pilot License on Single engine and Multi-engine   
  • Three lac and fifty thousand worth of scholarships  

Private Pilot License  

A private pilot license equals a driving license in the airline sector. The license is best suited for aviation enthusiasts, hobby flying, adventure flying etc. It is used in flying the aircraft in private and with noncommercial passengers.  

A private pilot license introduces people to flying and helps students and working professionals dive deep into airline aviation as days pass by. The courses are designed for the comfort of students and working professionals, and here are their key features.  

  • 40 hours (about one and a half days) of Flight training in Single Engine Aircraft  
  • Glass Cockpit experience on Garmon 1000  
  • Best chance to excel a step into CPL and ATPL programs  
  • Private Pilot License with Single Instrument Rating  

Apart from the courses and services stated above, Hercules is also planning to introduce new courses related to   

  • Degree programs  
  • Type Rating  
  • License conversion  
  • DGCA ground classes  


Aviation is the art of flying, and with the best pilot training institute, one gets the chance to get trained in a more authentic, professional, and disciplined way to achieve their dreams of flying in the days to come.   

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