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What to Expect During Each Trimester of Pregnancy?

The pregnancy period will generally last around 40 weeks or nine months. Those pregnancy times are then separated into three periods which are known as trimesters:

  • The 1st trimester is the first three months.
  • The 2nd trimester is from the 3rd month till the 6th month.
  • The 3rd trimester is the 6th month to the 9th month.

During those trimesters, you will develop different pregnancy signs and symptoms depending on each stage.

First Trimester Pregnancy Signs(Week 1 – Week 12)

The lists below will show you the changes a pregnant woman may experience during the first-trimester pregnancy.

  • The period may stop or maybe light.
  • May start experiencing queasiness and feeling nausea. Women will develop morning sickness – vomiting. Try having smaller meals the whole day.
  • A woman’s breast will feel tender and swell.
  • Woman’s nipples will become broader and darker
  • Will urinate more frequently
  • Feeling tired
  • May suffer from heartburn and constipation
  • Could develop headaches
  • Experiencing mood swings – will feel sad, happy, or angry for no apparent reason.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Signs(Week 13 – Week 26)

Congratulations! You’re now entering the second-trimester stage. You should be starting to feel a bit better now due to your HCG hormone leveling up and shouldn’t be feeling too nauseated. The risk of miscarriage has also dropped significantly. During this stage, pregnant women are advised to add more fiber to their diet to reduce constipation.

Below are some of the second-trimester pregnancy signs. The second trimester of pregnancy is a fun time! Feeling your baby move, starting to wear highly stretchable maternity clothes, and of course, the end of morning sickness make this a very special time.

  • Will gain some weight.
  • Pregnant women could feel the fetus moving.
  • Skins around the stomach will start stretching and could get dry.
  • The women’s breasts will get bigger.
  • Colostrum (body fluid) may appear from nipples.
  • May experience some heartburn, constipation, and indigestion
  • May occasionally get a nose bleed.
  • Swelling from hands, face, and ankles (edema)
  • May develop some varicose veins.

Remember, the above pregnancy symptoms might be different from other pregnant women. And frankly, second-trimester pregnancy will be a fun time! You will be able to feel your baby moving and starting to try out maternity clothes, and best of all is no more feeling morning sickness.

Third Trimester Pregnancy Signs(Week 27 – 40)

The third trimester will be the end of the milestone for pregnancy, and pregnant women will start preparing for the baby shower and nurseries. During the third trimester of pregnancy, you will display some pregnancy signs below as your body prepares to go for labor.

  • May notice unborn baby moving visually.
  • The navel has been pushed out.
  • Develop some backaches.
  • Starting to walk in a different style to accommodate the unborn child’s weight.
  • Start to get painless contractions.
  • Breath shortness.
  • And finally, go into labor.

During this stage, it is advised to rest as much as you can, and this is due to the enormous growth of the baby occurring inside the womb. Usually, pregnant women will feel exhausted, uncomfortable, and heavier as well.

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