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What is the International Registration Plan (IRP)?

If you’re considering starting your own trucking business You’re likely feeling overwhelmed and confused regarding how to IRP registration and license process and procedures, which includes those for the International Registration Plan (IRP). Let us discuss what it is and how to get registered, in order to begin to haul faster.

What is the IRP in Trucking?

It’s called the International Registration Plan (IRP) is a state registration which permits your truck to travel between United States, Washington D.C. as well as Canadian provinces. If you’re transporting goods within any of these states and also meet other vehicle requirements You’ll need IRP issued license plates as well as the taxi card.

What Is a Cab Card for Truckers?

A cab card can be described as the authentic document that is issued by your local jurisdiction that identifies which jurisdiction the truck is legally permitted to move products within. The cab cards contain specific information regarding each truck but cannot be transferred between vehicles.

The IRP Registration Process

You’ll have to call the jurisdiction in which you reside or in the state where you’ve the status of an “Established Place of Business” to get your vehicle registered and to receive the plates attributed to your business and taxi card. Whichever state you started your trucking business in is probably your home state. The next step is to find the contact details for your state within the IRP Directory and contact them for more specific details and requirements to maintain your registration. Every state has its own requirements, but the majority of states have the same requirements as those listed below.

Documents Needed for Registration:

  • Your state’s completed IRP application
  • Documentation of your residency or a establishment of your the business (such in the form of copies of bills from your utilities or your property taxes)
  • A current proof of insurance indicating the limits on liability insurance
  • USDOT Number
  • Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Evidence of UCR fees
  • Copy of the lease agreement (if you lease to other carrier)
  • Copy of the completed Formula 2290 (Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Form)
  • The current registration (if you renew)

When Do I Renew My IRP Registration?

IRP renewal depends on the state you’re registered for, and the date you first signed up. Your plate’s expiration date on the cab card It’s the responsibility of you to ensure that your IRP remains current. In order to renew your IRP you’ll also have to track the miles you travel within every state since your mileage from the previous year in the state you reside in determines your fee. Keep track of all transactions, purchases of fuel and mileage records of state for each truck every year. The reporting period is from between July 1 and June 30 in the following year.

How Much Does IRP Registration Cost?

IRP charges are based on the state you’re registered for and the states you’re traveling into, the kind of equipment you’re registering and the amount of vehicles you’re registration. The fees can be wildly different depending on the state, so make sure to make sure to check irponline.org for a few examples.

Who can Renew the International Registration Plan?

For renewal of IRP plates to renew your IRP plates, you must first meet the requirements to be registered in the jurisdiction you are in. This means that you must be an occupant of your province or state and maintain a permanent place of business in that area. In all cases you have to provide proof. Most importantly the commercial vehicle must satisfy at least one of the required requirements listed below:

  • Two axles and a the weight of your registered gross vehicle (GVW) that is greater than 26,001 pounds (11,794 kilograms) at least
  • It must be an electric motor that has a minimum of three axles, regardless of the GVW.
  • Use when combined with a with a GVW of more than 26,001 pounds (11,794 kilograms) or greater

When and How Does IRP Renewal Work?

This is to give you enough time to signand return prior to when your account expires.

In the case of Texas IRP, however, you’ll need to mail your renewal forms or visit an office on the spot.

Required Documents

If you are planning to amend any of your documents at renewal time, you need to include all required documents with your application. For instance, you’ll have to fill out:

  • For International Registration Plan, Schedule B
  • Schedule C that allows modifications (additions or deletions) to an account that is already in place, as well as
  • Schedule F that allows you to add the jurisdiction of an account already in place.
  • Federal Schedule 1, for vehicles with a weight at 55,000 pounds (24948 kilograms) and above

When you pay you will receive IRP plates as well as the cab cads for each allocated truck within your fleet. Two identical license plates place on the back and front of your vehicle. The card shows all the relevant details about your truck.

Electronic Credentials

So, ensure that it’s easy to access, understandable and precise regardless of the size or format.

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