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What is the difference between a latte and a mocha?

If you’re familiar with coffee drinks, chances are you’ve heard these two terms thrown around quite often. The difference between the two, however, might not be quite as obvious as it seems at first glance. So if you’re wondering what exactly the difference between a latte and mocha is, don’t worry—we’re here to answer that question!

The real difference between these two drinks

These two coffee drinks are both popular options that can be made at any coffee shop. Both drinks are espresso-based, with milk added to them, but they use different types of milk.

While a latte uses steamed milk and frothed milk, which gives it an airy texture (similar to cappuccinos), a mocha uses frothed milk with chocolate syrup blended in.

Even though they’re different, they serve more or less the same purpose as far as consuming caffeine goes; however, there’s one major difference between these two drinks: price. The standard serving size for each drink also halkalı escort differs.

History of latte

Espresso has been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until 1884 that Luigi Bezzera of Milan (Italy) first devised an espresso machine that made real espresso.

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Before he created his revolutionary machine, there was no practical way to make any more than a few cups of coffee in one sitting with an Italian-style stovetop brewer.

He called his invention La Pavoni after its namesake, Giuseppe Pavoni. Espresso is made by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.

History of mocha

The term mochaccino dates back to 1882. It was first used by an Italian barman named Amadeo Obici, who was known as Amedeo of Florence.

His intention was to create an iced coffee drink that customers would enjoy in hot weather.

A popular story has Amadeo of Florence inventing it when asked by an American woman to create a hot chocolate drink with less cocoa.

This legend inspired Jim Myers, owner of The Mud Hut in Los Angeles, California to create one of his own which led to him adding cinnamon flavoring to an iced coffee drink named moochaccino after Amadeo.

He later renamed it mochaccino as he was unsure if Americans would pronounce Moochaccino correctly.


It may come as no surprise that these two drinks are similar in many ways. Both contain espresso, although a latte usually contains steamed milk while a mocha contains espresso, chocolate and steamed milk.

These drinks also have other similarities such as sugar content, fat content, price and whether or not they require ice.

In many ways, what you order says something about your lifestyle. It’s clear that ordering a latte versus ordering a mocha can say something about how you approach life in general!

While many similarities exist, there are some notable differences as well. If you’re ordering drinks to meet a certain dietary need, it’s important to take note of those. For example, if you’re trying to limit your sugar intake, then it makes sense that a latte might be more your style than a mocha.

On top of their similarities, both of these drinks are very versatile and you can use in desserts or other food items.

For example, peanut butter lattes and chocolate brownie mochas have become increasingly popular options for people who enjoy these flavors but don’t want an overly sweet dessert.

Differences – Latte vs Mocha

While both are common varieties of coffee, there are some distinct differences between a latte and a mocha.

The main distinction comes from their base ingredients—latte is primarily milk or milk-based, while mochas contain coffee as their key ingredient.

Both varieties, however, typically use steamed milk. On top of these primary differences, there are different ways that you can use to customize your beverages.

So how do you know what drink to order at your favorite coffee shop?

Latte- Latte are typically comprised of steamed milk or cream, espresso or coffee (or both), foam, some kind of flavoring such as vanilla or caramel, sugar (optional) and topped with whipped cream.

They are usually smaller in size than their mocha counterparts, which means they are more affordable for budget-conscious consumers.

Mochas – Mocha drinks tend to be more costlier compared to lattes due to additional ingredients like chocolate syrup or cocoa powder which may also come from other desserts like brownies.

Other varieties may also contain less steamed milk but double servings of coffee instead. To get your recommended daily allowance of calcium from one serving, choose drinks that include low fat milk or soymilk over those with none at all.

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