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What is MMS messaging? Here’s your guide to creating memorable messages

Twenty years ago, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) came to our mobile devices, and companies immediately saw its potential as a means of expanding their customer bases and promoting their products.

Nonetheless, we’ve gone a long way from the days of basic MMS coupon drives.

We don’t want you to misunderstand; the return on investment (ROI) for such a basic marketing strategy remains strong. Yet MMS is capable of far more.

All the information you need to know about MMS and how it may help your company is presented here.

what is MMS texting?

One of the two most common types of text messages sent through a mobile device is MMS (SMS is the other). Though both MMS and SMS allow for communication between mobile devices, there are key differences between the two.

An MMS Messaging may convey not just text but also audio, visual, and video content. You may also use your smartphone to send an MMS to any regular email account. An MMS message may include attachments in the following formats:

  • text (formatted with numerous fonts and colors) (formatted with various fonts and colors)
  • audio (MP3 and MIDI) (MP3 and MIDI)
  • images (JPEG and GIF) (JPEG and GIF)
  • video (MPEG) (MPEG)

Distinguishing Multimedia Messaging Service from Short Message Service

There is a lot of curiosity regarding the differences between MMS and SMS in the fields of sales, marketing, and customer service since these are the two most used types of mobile communications.

As was noted before, the most notable distinction between the two mobile messaging systems is due to their respective strengths. MMS allows for the transmission of far lengthier “multimedia” messages than the limited 160 characters allowed by SMS.

Because of the increasing importance of visual material and social media, MMS is a clear winner in today’s culture. MMS’s smart characteristics make it a viable alternative for businesses‘ marketing requirements:

There has never been an option for a visual component in Branded Messaging SMS. But using MMS, your brand’s logo may be included in the sent message. It raises your profile and provides your users with an extra layer of security for their communications. Most notably, Nothing you need to do requires any technical knowledge.

Time limits on urgent communications

Your consumers’ inboxes are a permanent storage space for SMS communications. Some campaigns could benefit from it, but when it comes to time-sensitive notifications or restricted offers, you’ll need more precision.

This discretion is yours with MMS since you may choose an end time for your message. Using a message’s self-destruct option may help create a feeling of urgency for your sales and prevent communications from becoming irrelevant over time.

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Including a topic, the line is a small but useful addition to MMS. It’s a feature that’s standard in email and hence you may have experienced it as an MMS receiver without even realizing it. Especially in longer-form or multimedia messages, subject lines may help frame your message and direct the reader’s attention.

Examples and previews with links

It is common practice to share online content through text messaging. Sending a customer an SMS might set them on the path to making a purchase or taking advantage of a promotion.

MMS’s multimedia capabilities provide for more engaging web connections. More enticing than a link in plain text is a URL with accompanying visuals, such as a still picture or a video thumbnail.

Given that MMS represents a far superior technological advancement, its cost is naturally greater. The option to include multimedia components comes at an additional cost. This cost is justified for many companies.

Here are eight ways your company may benefit from MMS

Think about whether MMS fits in with the rest of your mobile strategy. The moment to investigate MMS has come when 51% of consumers believe they are more inclined to make a purchase if they get a text message that contains photos and media.

Some examples of how businesses are using multimedia messaging services (MMS) to reach out to their clients are as follows.

1) Making client service easier

It’s no secret that MMS is being utilized to help with tech assistance for customers. Service to customers of utility companies, cable and internet providers, and other businesses may be complex and expensive.

It’s challenging for customers to describe their problems over the phone or through text message. It’s also not always easy to explain the best course of action to the consumer. With MMS, however, there is a whole new world of possibilities available. Taking a photo of the problem, sending it, and get answers tailored to the specifics of the scenario is now possible.

However, MMS isn’t limited to the IT sector. They are also discovering it useful in the claims processing processes of insurance firms. Imagine a scenario in which a policyholder has a small accident or returns home to discover their basement has flooded. Snapping a photo on their smartphone and sending it through text message to their service provider is a fast and easy way to document the damage.

2) Sales and discounts

The use of mobile texting to distribute discounts by retailers has been around for some time, and the results have been spectacular. As of 2021, 67% of the US population has used their smartphones to redeem coupons. Because of this, MMS is perfect for disseminating advertisements to consumers.

In recent years, companies have expanded their MMS usage beyond the traditional use case of providing discounts. Using MMS, shops may disperse promotional materials and QR codes that customers can scan. Carousels, videos, and app-like buttons all contribute to the richness of the texting experience. Even though SMS may be utilised, the most common images, logos, and visuals can be used using MMS. It’s a very effective strategy for expanding brand awareness.

3) Submitting Your Product for Registration

If your product comes with a guarantee or post-purchase assistance, you should start interacting with consumers as soon as possible. Unfortunately, product registration often necessitates making a phone call and may be a tedious, time-consuming procedure.

Instead, ask them to email you a photo of the product’s bar code over MMS so you can add it to your database. Easy to use and error-free, it’s a great method to signal your want for follow-up contact following a purchase.

4) Creating a subscription

Using a subscription service should be stress-free and quick. Therefore, it is essential that the registration procedure be simple. Signing up for a subscription is hassle-free with MMS since the system is impervious to typos and missing information.

Those in need of new eyeglasses, for instance, may simply snap a photo of their dosage and send it in through text message. This action initiates a monthly shipment of your chosen corrective lenses, whether they are glasses or contacts. It’s easy to remember, and it effectively reduces the possibility of misunderstanding.

5)  Credit Card, Temporary

Putting a new spin on the commonplace MMS coupon scenario.

Let’s say one of your regulars is in the store, but they didn’t remember to carry their store credit card. They won’t be able to reap the rewards associated with using the card, and it may discourage them from making a transaction altogether.

If a customer forgets their store credit card, several stores provide a number to SMS. Customers’ information in the store’s customer relationship management system may be verified with only a few brief text messages. A transient QR code may then be provided to the buyer.

Customers may make purchases and get discounts without presenting a physical credit card at the register by scanning this QR code instead. Very astute.

6)  individual retail therapy

A fun application is providing VIP and repeat consumers with a multimodal, personalized purchasing experience.

Initiate communication by sending MMS images of the garments and setting off an automatic message chain. A salesperson may guide a customer through the process of making selections and conducting experiments to help them visualize the final product even if they are unable to visit the store physically.

It’s an upscale option for repeat consumers who might use some guidance when accessorizing an outfit (remotely).

7) evidence of delivery

Finding companies offering delivery straight to your door is no longer unusual.

Customers’ concerns about their packages arriving undamaged and at the right place are understandable, given how prevalent such concerns are. That’s why many firms confirm successful delivery to the doorstep or other predetermined secure location by sending a photo of the product to the client through a multi-media messaging service (MMS).

It’s an easy fix that reassures the client and inspires confidence in your company.

8) Intimate and direct interaction

Modern customer has come to demand individualized experiences from their go-to companies. This may be a problem for small firms that don’t have unlimited marketing funds. Personalization is an expensive addition to any product. Thanks to MMS, everyone is playing on the same playing field.

With MMS, you may contact your consumers on an as-needed basis. One easy method to begin adding a personal touch to your correspondence with clients is by sending handwritten letters of gratitude after a transaction. It’s a great way to start a conversation with your consumer that they’ll remember.

How to Use MMS for the First Time

When planning your strategy for mobile engagement, don’t forget about multimedia messaging service (MMS). It’s like an SMS, but with more robust audio, video, and beauty items. An ultimate result is a cutting-edge form of communication that has far-reaching effects and is appreciated more by the target audience.

Guni’s enterprise-grade network is used by some of the world’s leading companies to communicate with and influence their most significant consumers. When you hire us, you’ll have instantaneous exposure to our messenger service, real-time monitoring, and tried-and-true, around-the-clock customer assistance.

Guni is a frontrunner in the field of SMS and MMS advertising, and many Australian companies depend on it. If you’re considering utilizing SMS or MMS for marketing purposes or even simply for sending out large numbers of text messages at once, we can provide you with a simple and cost-effective option.

Do not be hesitant to contact us if you are thinking about switching to a different messaging provider and would want to speak with a real person. We’re looking forward to talking to you.

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