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What Does Recon Engine Mean?

Reconditioning or ‘recon engine’, is necessary to enhance the engine performance, efficiency and maintenance by servicing of an old engine . Reconditioning increases the lifespan of an engine and provides a smooth and long-lasting experience. If you are unfamiliar with engine reconditioning, read this article to learn about reconditioning and how a recon engine is better for the vehicle.

What is Meant by Reconditioned Engine?

Reconditioned engines are the used engine with some applied modifications. Recon engines have several parts replaced, re-engineered or re-worked to make a new, better engine. Reconditioning makes the engine almost new-like and makes them a safe option. Recondition of an engine involves several services depending on the condition and amount of damage to the existing engine. Reconditioning involves servicing engine components to the rebuilding and repairing of the major parts.

What is the Cost of a Recon Engine?

Repairing several cars, such as BMW engine repair, can cost you more because of the expensive parts. However, the advantages are worth the money. Also, it is always less than the brand new one. So, if your car is less than five years old and has damaged its engine, you should opt for reconditioning. Whereas, do not spend that much money on a car that has a life of more than ten years. Some of the different services of recon engine include crack repairs, repairing, line boring, rod resizing, and replacement of some parts such as spark plugs, alternators, pumps, carburettors etc.

Advantages of a Recon Engine

Although the intensive labour work involved in dissembling, cleaning, greasing and re-assembling is a bit more, it is cheaper than a new one. The basic reason people invest in reconditioning, rather than buying a new one, is the cost. Recon engines are typically less pricey than brand-new ones. If you buy a recon engine, make sure to check the documentation. Let’s look at some of the advantages associated with the Recon engines:

  1. Recon engines result in better fuel economy and improved performance.
  2. While reconditioning, 100% genuine new or reconditioned parts are used.
  3. Durable and high-quality parts are used in reconditioning
  4. Recon engines provide more horsepower.
  5. It saves you from the hassle of buying a new engine.
  6. Provides you fast turnout to help you get back on the job.
  7. Gives the car an increased efficiency at a low cost.
  8. Many service providers provide you with optional extended coverage plans.
  9. Better return on your time and money.

What You Can Expect from Engine Reconditioning

Engine Reconditioning

The reconditioning of an engine involves thorough checking for wear and tear. The mechanic will manage the parts, replace them, and recondition the engine to perfection. The latest software and specifications are used to deliver superior service. After cleaning and repairing all the parts, the mechanic will ensure proper engine assembly. You can expect an excellent job from an experienced and trusted service provider.

Recommendations While Choosing Rebuilder

  • Check the industry reputation of the rebuilder.
  • Test for the capacity to deliver on time
  • Check the relationships with external contractors
  • Go for the experienced and specialized rebuilder in a particular field.
  • Check for the capacity to provide a suitable warranty.


The engine is the essential part of the car because it is useless with a faulty car engine. The reconditioning extends the life of the engine and improves its efficiency. However, the reconditioning of the car engine should get done by a trusted and professional shop. Many owners attempt engine reconditioning by following the car manual, which is extremely risky. The engine is a complex part and should get fix by an expert.


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