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What are the futuristic services (Humsafar) online fuel delivery Startup providing in India?


The innovative service has revolutionized many industries, adding value to the consumer experience and enhancing consumer-brand relations. From luxury to everyday essential goods and services, everyone is providing this service, which has become the ‘new basic’ provision by brands who attempt to retain and grow their consumer base.

The country’s Energy Sector is an evolving industry whose governing principles are innovation and efficiency. Bringing in the ‘new basic’ into its array of offerings, the Energy Sector was given the mandate to deliver diesel to doorsteps legally by the government of India in 2019.

Revamping the basic service to offer a higher level of gratifications to consumers, entrepreneurs in the fuel delivery service (also known as FuelEnts); offered online ordering and delivery of diesel through convenient mobile apps.

A case in study is Humsafar, a Delhi-based FuelEnt. Samridhi Highway Solutions Pvt Ltd, the company behind Humsafar, developed the solution to address commonly occurring problems in the last mile diesel delivery sector.

Humsafar achieved this by leaning on their rich 75 years worth of industry experience to study the varied nuances of the fuel sector of the country. Decades of research shaped Humsafar’s understanding of what the fuel consumers of India need. Some of the verticals they factored in were:

The pace of Industrialism and growth

One may wonder why Industrialism is an important subject matter for a FuelEnt, but the answer is simple; Industrialism is directly correlated to fuel consumption. The higher the rate of growth (or Industrialism), the higher the consumption of fuel.

If industries what to grow at a faster rate, they must have access to an uninterrupted source of energy which is fuel.

Enhanced Cost and Time Efficiency

To motivate consumers to adopt a certain service, there must be certain advantages. Efficiency is the most sought-after advantage of any service, especially when the client stands to benefit monetarily from it.


Safety is a major concern in the delivery of diesel. Diesel must be delivered in a streamlined and systematic manner in order to ensure safety however it is less risky than other fuels.

The location of the client

India is a vast country with varied terrains; a fuel consumer could dwell in the mountainous regions or the deserts! Any service that claims to cater to them must be adept at offering mobile fuel delivery in all these terrains.

Quantity requirements for online fuel delivery

Not all consumers of diesel require the same quantities. Some large-scale industries need more than 1000lts of diesel, whereas some individuals need diesel only to run their gen-sets. A good FuelEnt must be able to cater to these varied requirements keeping the efficiency of the online fuel delivery service in mind.

Humsafar had their work cut out for them, but instead of following suit of the many other FuelEnts and providing the basic online diesel delivery service, Humsafar took it up a notch! Here’s what all they did:

 The DDD Service

Humsafar provides the mobile diesel delivery service in the state-of-the-art PESO-approved bowsers that they self fabricate. They ensure that there is zero pilferage and no contamination of the fuel caused during transportation/dispensing of the fuel. As well as once the order for online diesel delivery is placed, its execution takes place within 48 hours which enables industries to streamline their operations and plan their expenses accordingly.

 The App

Customers can easily order fuel online through their dedicated mobile App- Fuel Humsafar. The App has value-added features like selecting preferred petrol pumps, instant feedback, order tracking, and automated billing, all of which enrich the overall consumer experience.

 The Promise of Bowser Plus

Humsafar is a bowser manufacturer in NCR. It offers its bowser fabrication services to other FuelEnts, with the promise of bowser+. During the manufacturing process, we use new-generation welding technology, Branded MS sheets, and tested geo-fencing equipment in order to guarantee quality. All bowsers are designed and made to meet the ISO 9001:2015 standards. Also,these bowsers undergo intense quality checks over various terrains before reaching their owner.

Through the promise of bowser+, Humsafar leverages their experience to hand-hold FuelEnts and help them establish themselves in the market by helping them set up their marketing and giving them access to the App so that the FuelEnts can get orders for online fuel delivery.

The Management

Humsafar aims to offer an elevated partnership experience to all its partners. Thus, they have ‘Territory Managers’ instated in all the major cities of the country. These territory managers help FuelEnts acquaint themselves with their bowsers and resolve all their queries efficiently.

The Safar20 program

Understanding that not every client’s requirements are the same, Humsafar launched the Safar20 program. In which they deliver diesel in compact quantities of 20lts, 40lts, and 60lts to clients in PESO approved sealed Jerry Cans. You can rent jerry cans to make the whole order more cost-efficient.. Again, clients can easily order the diesel online via their dedicated App service.

For more information on Humsafar’s array of services, visit www.humsafarindia.com


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