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Ways to increase productivity as a students

Sometimes being a student seems challenging. In most situations, you find yourself bogged down with a lot of work. You are always trying to achieve your dream grades to reach the goal you and your parents have dreamed of, and you may have a lot of ambitions as see yourself as a students.

For this, you have to make real-time efforts, and for this nailing, your productivity is the essential skill to develop as a student. To do this, you can also consider taking motivational and helpful quests that will help you along your life journey. In addition, if you are looking for free courses and advice then Mindvalley will be a top pick for you.

They are offering great educational support to the student. In case you are low on budget, consider using Mindvalley Discount Code to save more cash on your purchase. So to help you in doing so, there is a short guide on increasing productivity as a student.

How to increase your productivity?

Remember that you are not alone who is facing all these problems. Almost 70% of students go through this problem, and unfortunately, if you don’t structure your time right, it can be an absolute nightmare for you. Remember that just being present or blankly staring at a screen all day with the intention of work does not qualify as getting the job done You need something to increase your productivity. So for this, there are some helpful tips to boost your productivity.

Track your time and routine effectively

You all agree that it is difficult to plan your personal time if you don’t know how you are going to spend your precious time So in this way, tracking your hours is essential to move a step forward in increasing your productivity For this I recommend you to start by breaking down a significant project into manageable individual tasks.

Some additional tips

  • The best way to do this is to allocate your time block to each task, whether your school’s task, tuition, or any other.
  • I also recommend you to note the time you start and finish the task.
  • For this, you can also use time tracking apps or simple clock will work best for you.
  • But don’t forget to take a break because it will freshen up your time and give you more energy so you can complete your task instantly.

Give yourself refreshment

Taking breaks while studying is considered an essential part of achieving success in increasing your productivity. In addition, it also helps you stay focused and motivated. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure your productivity, focus, and energy remain optimal because when you are a student, there is a lot of information that you need to consume each day. In this time, you can also opt to watch something motivational to keep your productivity level going. If you are looking for free courses, then Mindvalley will be a top pick for you. They are offering great courses to keep yourself motivated and going, and in case you feel that their courses fees are high, consider using Mindvalley discount code to save more cash.


A productive break can also leave you refreshed and ready to return to your studies with a renewed focus. Our brain also needs a break because our brain can only handle a certain amount of information before you become tired and lose your focus. So I recommend you don’t let it be done before it takes a short 15 to 30 minutes.

Additional tips

  • Do your favorite activity during your refreshment or break time.
  • Try doing something different from your studies.

Quit social media for now

I can understand it is not easy, but it is necessary to increase productivity. The fear of missing out and the thought of being out of touch with the world is more difficult in these days and age. Also, if you are not a social media addict doing this, you will spend more time increasing your productivity level because you have more time and fewer ways to procrastinate and the reason behind this is there will be no feeds or chatting aimlessly to waste your time. So in this way you can dedicate more and more time to working on your productivity.

Some more tips

  • If you think that quitting social media at once is difficult for you and affect your life badly, then start by limiting or blocking your access to the leading platforms.
  • From there, cut down the usage of one social media platform once a week. Then following this, you can easily cut down overall social media usage.

Ending words

These are some tips you can use to increase your productivity as a student. From quitting social media to tracking time, all are necessary to increase your productivity. So read the full post and get ideas to increase productivity as a student.

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