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Want Your Package To Deliver Safely? Choose These 5 Materials

Packaging has become a significant part of selling goods. Do you remember any high-end products you purchased along with a cheap product? You will see the quality difference from its packaging. The premium goods always get packed in more secure and deluxe packaging cases like custom magnetic boxes that highlight their quality just by touching. Some people do not think much about it. Therefore, they cannot extract the benefits that others extract from custom packaging.

All mega brands understand the importance of attractive and secure packaging to deliver their products safely. Secure packaging helps you minimize damage during shipment and delivery of the product. Packaging plays an important role to get your product perceived value among others. With all the choices you have in today’s world about this packaging material, sometimes choosing the best one for your product is quite critical. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the materials that you can use for your product packaging.

Boxes Made by Paperboard

It is one of the most traditional ways of packaging goods. It is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. This material is mostly used to make custom packaging boxes and give them any shape and structure that you need. It is an ideal choice. However, it is possible while considering personalized packaging to wrap your product in.

This packaging is made from fibrous material. The manufacturers extract it from wood. Generally, recycling is also possible to help improve the environment. So, along with the perfect packaging material, it is also nature-friendly. There are various grades in which paperboard packaging material comes in, and all of them are used for different products like;

  • Cosmetic
  • Drinkables
  • Frozen Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicines

And more.

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

This Packaging material is mostly known in the market by the name of cardboard packaging boxes. This packaging material works exceptionally well when shipping your products from one place to another. These boxes come in different varieties. Furthermore, these boxes have different levels of durability and strength. These corrugated boxes have a very simple design that is very easy to identify. It has two layers;

  1. Outside liner
  2. Inside Liner

Most of the time, raw materials are part of the process of box manufacturing. You can use paper and pulp fiber to make raw materials. You can even use the single face or double face corrugated packaging boxes with twin walls or triple walls. These walls indicate the strength of these packaging boxes.

Packaging Made Out of Plastic

Businesses use plastic widely to pack products all over the world. It has been used for a century as one of the leading packaging materials. Nowadays plastic packed products range from $2 per product to $100,000.

Various advantages come when you do packaging with plastic material. It is portable and you can recycle it over and over again to make new shapes. You can use airtight plastic packaging to preserve food and maintain its quality by excluding all kinds of contaminating issues. It is lightweight but durable. It can protect your product even in most hard conditions.

Rigid Packaging

You can use rigid packaging to pack high-end products like mobiles, watches, jewelry, and more. It is a type of cardboard but so durable that it has become a distinguished category of packaging materials.

The packaging manufacturer uses high-density cardboard for luxury rigid boxes. Its thickness is four times that of the cardboard used for ordinary folding boxes. The simplest example of a hard case is the case of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, which consists of two parts.

Compared with cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes are one of the most expensive types of cardboard. Hard boxes usually do not require expensive molds or large machines. These are usually handmade boxes. Since you can not fold them, they also have a larger volume during transportation. Which can easily lead to increased transportation costs.

Chipboard Material for Packaging

Recycled paper is used to make particleboard. It is easy to cut, fold and shape. You can get a cost-effective custom rigid boxes option for your product. To market cosmetics, jewelry, technology, and high-end luxury fashion you can use these boxes. It is easy to incorporate functions such as platforms, windows, lids, hinges, compartments, domes, and embossing into the hard case.

These boards are usually used to protect your product from any external exposure or damages. That means you can use them to wrap all these kinds of products. That does not get contaminated with the outer environment.


So, these are some of the main materials that are stronger and more secure than any other material that you are going to find in the market nowadays. It is wise to choose them over others for the protection of your packaging.

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