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Walnuts Vs. Almonds: Which Nuts Should You Buy In Bulk?

Growing up, almonds and walnuts were always my go-to snacks for studying. However, now we like to experiment with different types of nuts to figure out which ones are best for you. This article will discuss what both almonds and walnuts have to offer health-wise and which is the better option to purchase in bulk.

Which Nuts Should You Buy in Bulk?

Many people enjoy the taste and benefits of both walnuts and almonds. If your diet allows you to eat both, you may be wondering which nuts are better for you to buy. Walnuts have a number of health benefits: they have some of the highest levels of antioxidants in the world and their levels of omega-3 fatty acids are considered high in most diets. Almonds have some complementary health benefits as well, but can also please your taste buds with a sweeter flavor profile when compared to other nuts.

Buying a Case of Walnuts vs. Almonds

Most people that buy nuts in bulk think it is best to buy walnuts instead of almonds, but this is not always the case. The case for walnuts comes from their shelf-life and nutritional value. Walnuts will not go rancid or get soggy because of their tough outer shells, whereas most other nuts will easily form a slimy layer if kept wet for too long in the pantry. The almighty dollar wins out for most people, so almonds win. If you want health benefits, try to obtain walnuts through sources other than bulk bins.

Choosing Between Walnuts or Almonds

Almonds and walnuts are both crunchy and rich in nutrients. They’re also each other’s direct competition as the two most popular nuts found on grocery shelves. Here we will look at the different properties of each nut, such as where they come from, similar health benefits, sugar levels, and more.

Why bulk walnuts?

Buying nuts in bulk gives you the flexibility to chop up the walnuts or leave them whole. And the price is usually cheaper because there are so many of them. You can store them for long periods and they will probably last longer than the five-pound bags of nuts at stores.

How Many Packets Do You Need for Backpacking?

You can divide a package of walnuts in half and take out the large, hard central nut and use it as a cooking fuel on your outdoor stove. A bag of almonds will typically yield 1-1/2–2 cups if you simply pinch from the outside of the bag. The wholesale almond price is based on a shipment weight of 100 lbs. which shows low prices are often sent in different quantities each year to rake in profits. The 4 ounces are less spread out when buying at the bulk rate. Then look for nuts in bulk or nuts in cakes or halves.

What about Trail Mix?

Walnuts have the least amount of excess fiber in comparison to almonds, which can be found in most grocery stores. Almonds also have an enzyme called malic acid, which is said to help lower heart disease risk and cut back on how often one picks up a bag of almonds from their grocery store and eats them all at once for further crunching.

A Comprehensive Guide to Tips for Buying Nuts in Bulk

The basics of buying nuts in bulk include purchasing at least a year’s worth of one type of nut. The weight limits for almonds are 12 pounds per case, while walnuts have a 20-pound weight limit. If you need to save money on the nut but still want to buy it in bulk, try taking advantage of sales and purchasing after-seasonal products. This year, try buying when eggs decrease in price.

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