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Walking on eggshells with the Eggy Car game

Walking on eggshells with the Eggy Car game

About Eggy Car game

In the casual game Eggy Car, you drive a car with a loose egg over roads with hills. The game is over when the egg falls out of your vehicle and breaks. RIP! Get power-ups to help you get farther in the game. Good luck and godspeed egg soldier.

Eggy Car: How to Play

  • An eggsample of bad safety
  • Eggy Car shows how important it is to buckle up your egg when you travel. Unfortunately, the Eggy Car is not a safe or healthy car because it was not made well.
  • Take care with the controls.

This car is not only dangerous, but the accelerator and reverse are also very sensitive. Use the throttle carefully to ease over the bumps so that Humpty Dumpty doesn’t fly out of the car and break open on the road.

Try to beat your score.

When the egg drops, which is bound to happen, you’ll get a score based on how far you got before the egg died. Keep playing to try to get a better score than you had before!

Find coins and prizes.

As you play, you’ll find coins and power-ups. Collect the power-ups to help you get as far as you can without the cargo getting messed up. You can use the coins to buy unique new vehicles that might help you get farther than before.

More Eggs!

Play Eggy Car today and do Easter the traditional way. Here at cookie clicker, you can play Eggy Car for free on your computer or phone.


The egg should stay in the car.
Drive over the hills and out of sight.
Get coins so you can buy new cars.
This tricky game is for Easter.


Don’t Drop the Egg, no matter what you do!
If you had to drive a big egg over rough roads, steep hills, and even steeper valleys, how would you do it…? You would probably drive Very-Very Slowly…

Egg Car is a game in which you have to move a huge egg above your car without making a mess. Which is very simple…

This game is played with just two buttons: “Move Forward” and “Move Backward.” At first, your goal will seem easy. Compared to the cars you drive in Hill Climb Racing, your car moves surprisingly smoothly, and even though the hills are steep, they aren’t too steep to climb with a little speed! …this is the worst thing you could do…

With only two short walls on either side to keep the egg from falling off the car, a sudden increase or decrease in speed is all it takes to knock the egg off the car and end the game.

Since you can’t change how much power you use to speed up, you’ll have to use your surroundings, like hills and valleys, to gradually speed up your car without knocking your egg overboard.

Egg Car isn’t one of the easiest games to learn, but because it’s based on simple physics, it’s easy to pick up and play even if you don’t have a lot of experience or practice.

This is a game that we would recommend to almost anyone. It has cute graphics that look like toy cars, a lot of cars to unlock, and a simple, easy-to-understand way to play that doesn’t matter how good a gamer you are.

Egg Car is a game you need to try if you like simple physics-based games or if you want more practice before you carry that dinosaur egg back for lunch.

Some other featured games

Water Sort Puzzle

You have a very important job to do in Water Sort Puzzle. You know that some kids are naughty. Even though we don’t mind when kids have fun, today things got a little out of hand. They made a mess, and now it’s time to clean it up. Are you ready to use your brain and solve all these puzzles?

People told you to become a chemistry teacher. They said it would be fun. Well, when we look at how messy this lab is, we don’t see anything fun. The kids mixed all the liquids together by accident, and we need you to fix this. We wouldn’t want to blow up the school, after all, would we? On the screen, you can see at least two glasses with different colored liquids in them.

The goal is to sort the liquids by color and put liquids of the same color into the same glass. To do this, click on one of the glasses and then click on another to pour the liquid. But be careful! This is only possible if the liquids are the same color and the glass is big enough. You can move on to the next level once you sort them by color. As the game goes on, it gets harder because you have to sort more colors. Do you think you’ll be able to finish all of the levels? Play and have fun!

Papa’s Pizzeria

Mamma mia! You’re at Papa’s Pizzeria! Get ready to knead the dough, grate the cheese, and spread tomato sauce all over the baked pizza crust! In Papa’s Pizzeria, you can become the best pizza chef in town. Put a smile on your customers’ faces as you write down their orders and go into the kitchen to make them. It’s time to make everyone’s favorite meal!

Don’t be afraid. No one is going to ask you why pizzas are round but their boxes are square. Instead, choose a save slot and enter your name to start the game. As a player, your goal is to take orders from your customers and do your best to fill them. As you play the game, you should pay attention to 4 stations. Customers place their orders at the order station.

Pay close attention to how each order is put together. They tell you about the toppings, how long it takes to cook, and how your customers like their pizzas cut. At the topping station, you can choose what to put on your pizza. Check the customer’s order to see what they want on their pizza. After putting the pizza together, it’s time to put it in the oven.

Bring your pizza to the place where they bake it. Watch the timer, because each customer has a preferred cooking time. You can cut the pizza when it’s done! At the cutting station, cut the pizza into the number of slices that the customer wants, and you’re ready to deliver the order. Try to meet all of the requirements to get more points and bigger tips. There are many different kinds of fındıkzade escort customers. Can you keep everyone happy?

Money Movers

Only the smartest and bravest prisoners would try to get out of jail. In the addicting game Money Movers, you’ll meet two brothers who are criminals, and you’ll have to help them get out of jail by going through different levels that are both hard and fun. Even though this is the safest prison in the country, the brothers are not giving up. They couldn’t be stopped by any traps, security cameras, or guards. Try to get into the prison and help them get out.

In Money Movers, you play as two brothers who are trying to get out of prison. This game has a total of 20 levels, and in each level, there are different things to avoid. Your goal as a player is to get past these problems by pressing buttons, pulling levers, throwing and moving objects, and sometimes running away from other dangerous prisoners. There are other prisoners and guards in the prison, and in some levels, they all try to stop you from getting out.

Two different kinds of men are the criminal brothers. One is big and the other is little. The big brother can throw things, but he is not as quick or agile as the little brother. Unlike his bigger brother, the smaller brother is faster and can get through narrow spaces. You have to use both characters to finish the levels and clear your path, since one can get to places the other can’t. There are also money bags in every level, which you need to collect to get to the bonus level. There are 3 money bags in each level, but not all of them will be easy to get. When you get all of the money bags in the game, you can play the bonus level and help the brothers get rich enough to get out of prison.

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