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Visa Services in the UAE

Whether you’re planning to travel for business or pleasure, the UAE is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. UAE visas grant approval of entry, subject to nationality requirements. Getting the right visa will enable you to enter the country and remain there. Visa Services in the UAE offer top-notch service for businesses and individuals. If you’re wondering what visa services in the UAE can do for you, read on!

Work visa for Dubai is mandatory

If you are planning to move to Dubai to work, then you must have the required work permit and residence visa. You must be a resident of the UAE, or a national of a country that has established a presence there. You should apply for a work permit in the UAE through your employer, who will then convert it into a residency visa. A work permit is good for two months, and it is valid for that time.

Documents required to process a dependent visa in UAE

A dependent visa in the UAE is required for spouses and minor children. Before applying for a residency visa, the expatriate resident must ensure that their spouse has passed the required medical tests. The medical test consists of a blood test and an x-ray of the chest. A successful application will result in a stamping of the dependent’s visa within sixty days. For dependents outside of the UAE, there are certain documents that must be presented in order to obtain the residence visa. A marriage certificate must be attested by the embassy of the home country and translated into Arabic.

Cancellation of a dependent visa in UAE

If you are an emirate resident, it is possible to cancel a dependent visa in UAE without any hassle. All you need to do is visit an authorized typing centre in the emirate’s capital, and pay an AED 110 fee. After paying the fee, the officer will hand over the original passport of the dependent, and stamp the visa with a ‘cancelled’ stamp.

Cost of a dependent visa in UAE

The cost of a dependent visa in the UAE is approximately 1290 AED for first-time issue, and AED100 for renewal. The visa sponsor must also pay a refundable deposit for each dependent, which is usually 3,000 AED, although this amount is waived for managerial positions. The deposit also varies with the type of dependent, with annual fees ranging from AED100 to AED200.

Formalities involved in applying for a visa in UAE

There are several formalities involved in applying for a visa in the UAE. In order to get your visa, you need to meet specific criteria. If you are a woman, you will need a letter of recommendation from your husband or father, as well as a confirmed round-trip airline ticket. Likewise, you will need a hotel reservation. You can also submit a copy of your passport and any other necessary documents to the UAE embassy. To apply for a UAE visa, you can visit the official website of GDRFA or visit any of the Amer centres in Dubai.

Benefits of using a visa service provider

While PCI DSS compliance is not a must for all merchants, there are several advantages to using a VISA service provider. First of all, a VISA compliant service provider has already paid for and passed on-site QSA assessment. That way, they can avoid wasting time and money on inquiries about PCI DSS compliance. Additionally, a VISA-approved service provider can provide better fraud prevention by preventing chargebacks, and can help merchants avoid costly fraud.

Real estate/property visa

For the UAE residency visa, you must own a residential property worth at least AED one million. The property must be located in an area that permits foreign ownership of freehold property. In addition, you must have at least 50% equity in the property, or a no-objection letter from your spouse or partner, or a marriage certificate from your daughter. Real estate/property visa services in UAE are available to help you obtain a visa.

Quarantine undertaking form

You will need to fill out a health declaration form and a quarantine undertaking form before you travel to the UAE. You can download these forms and complete them prior to your trip. The health declaration form will confirm if you are COVID-19 positive and need a 14-day quarantine. You can also fill out a Quarantine Undertaking Form if you are visiting a country with a high COVID-19 risk.

Documents required

There are several documents that a US citizen must present to the UAE government in order to obtain a tourist or business visa. For example, a spouse or dependant must present a notarized affidavit on Rs. 100 stamp paper stating that neither the spouse nor the dependant have any legal objections against the other. Other documents that a US citizen must submit to the UAE government include: a marriage certificate, no objection certificates from parents, a photo of the couple, and their invitation letter.

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