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Villa Movers and Packers in Al Ain – Choosing Best Movers

In comparing the estimates provided by villa movers and packers in Al Ain make sure you select an estimate of height and weight opposed to the cheapest estimate. A professional packer and movers are more concerned with the dimensions and weight of your shipment items rather than offering the lowest price. one method that unprofessional movers commonly employ is deliberately underestimating the weight of the items and focusing on offering you the most affordable cost. A good mover is always more concerned with your relocation.

Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing the best villa movers and packers in Al Ain to help you with your move:

Find the best ones, not just the cheap ones.
  • Perform a thorough initial screening:

It is always recommended to verify the history of the company you’re planning to approach. Gather some basic information regarding packers and movers in order to determine their credibility and reliability. Check their online reviews and look for authentic reviews from former clients. Often, these reviews are fake and are knowingly funded by the company itself. It is recommended to speak with the person who posted the reviews on their website.

At least, get 4 to 5 estimates from reliable moving and packers’ company such as villa movers and packers in Al Ain:

Do not rush to finalize your contract in the first instance. Make contact with at least four moving companies. Contact the company in detail and explain to them your budget for the move and ask them to provide an outline of their quote, including packing and transportation, loading, Unloading, Handling, etc.

Request an in-home visit, estimated time and the material used before finalizing the movers. Movers, request that they go to your house and search for the requirements for shipping and the details. Ask them how long it will take to deliver the goods, and whether it work with your changing schedule. Don’t forget to inquire about what quality product that they use for packaging your items. The fragile items require a high-quality packaging.

  • Do They Provide Insurance?

However much they say regarding the high-quality of their packaging Sometimes, fragile items such as glasses can be damage. Also, inquire about their assurance. Ask them about the possibility of breakage caused by the process. are they able to take responsibility, and offer assurance for your goods?

  • Claim For Breakage of Your Items:

It is essential when you are preparing to file an offer to purchase an inventory report with the company which you record in detail about the items being move and obtain a properly authenticate receipt from the movers. If you find damages after unpacking, the claim must be made within 9 months of the delivery. It is recommend to notify the mover promptly. The mover has to acknowledge the receipt that you have filed a claim within 30 calendar days, and must either deny or offer an offer in the first 120 days after receipt of your claim

Ask for an Add-on Service Do not forget to inquire about any additional service that they might offer for free such as storage space for free for a few.

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