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UV printing what it is, how it works, application

UV printing is an environmentally friendly, fast and safe way to print on a variety of media types. Prints with UV-curable inks for improve durability and clarity. UV printing is especially popular for the production of advertising banners or interior decoration materials. You can buy UV printing equipment from Industrad Group, where you can get a free consultation.

UV printing: what it is, how it works, application - photo1

Why UV printing is prefer

A universal feature of UV ink is its ability to instantly polarize. At the same time, the likelihood of blurring the picture and damage to the final product is completely exclude. In addition, the undeniable advantages of UV printing are:

  • Compatible with any material. As a basis, cardboard, PVC, mirror, ceramics, synthetic types of paper, etc. are use.
  • Resistance to external factors. The print does not fade under the rays of the bright sun, is not wash off by rain, solvents and other chemicals.
  • Undemanding care. The picture does not need special drying or the use of special agents to maintain the print in good condition.
  • Use on a variety of surfaces. Rough and rib bases will do.

UV printing: what it is, how it works, application - photo2

There are two main types of UV printing – direct and circular. The first method involves drawing an image on a flat surface. The second is use to create logos and other projections on cylindrical products. Depending on this, there is a different order of the cost of equipment: by the link you can check the prices for the UV printer and buy it.

Applications of UV printing

The first and main field of UV printing applications is advertising. The technology is indispensable when decorating shop windows, portable advertising structures, outdoor stands. The image attracts with its clarity and brightness, which plays an important role in the perception of information. Also, UV printing in Pakistan is use for:

  • Release of souvenir products. The production of brand gift items is especially popular here.
  • Design of business cards. You can implement any design solutions and get premium quality business cards at the end.
  • Wallpaper making. Beautiful washable wallpaper is produce in this way.
  • Decoration of lighting fixtures. The variety of products allows you to choose the right option for a different interior.
  • Clothing production. The image apply to the fabric is no less popular in advertising.
  • Personalization of heating radiators. It will not be difficult to make a battery not just a source of heat, but also a part of a holistic image of a home. It is enough to apply a suitable image in the desire color scheme.

UV printing: what it is, how it works, application - photo3

Applications uses

UV-print mugs, cups, plates, art prints and accessories are also in high demand. You cannot do without such technology in the production of badges, magnets, notebooks, rulers, key rings, stickers.

If at the same time choose a good studio for printing, then the customer does not have to deal with the development and design of the product. It is enough to provide a layout, and the professionals will already bring the idea to life. The end result is limit only by the client’s imagination and the skill of the performer. These studios use professional equipment, which is sold in Ukraine by a few suppliers. To buy a UV printer in Ukraine you will have to spend money: good models cost around 500 thousand UAH.

UV printing: what it is, how it works, application - photo4

The only drawback with which light-curing ink is sinning is its high cost compare to other consumables. However, if we take into account all the positive aspects of the technology, an unambiguous conclusion can be made. UV printing is worth using in your daily life. High quality, long service life and beautiful appearance are the three main pillars on which this method of applying an image to the base rests.

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