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Use Cardboard Packaging Instead of Plastic and Save Nature

Use Cardboard Packaging Instead of Polythene/Plastic and Save Nature:

The world would become pollution-free and more batter if we replace all the polythene/plastic packaging with cardboard packaging. As the pollution is increasing day by day, every person should contribute their part to control it. We can easily control it or overcome this problem by taking this simple step of using eco-friendly material instead of using plastic. Using Cardboard boxes with lid for the packaging has great benefits.


Plastics are coming from oil, fossil fuel. And the plastic is used in the form of polythene for the packaging. Polythene is the most using plastic form for packaging all over the world. Making plastic packaging is a complicated process and expensive as compared to cardboard.

On the other hand, the cardboard comes from trees, and it is easy to re-grow the trees. Cardboard is flexible and can be molded easily in any shape. Although plastic is also coming from natural resources growing trees is easy, but the oil is not renewable.

The cardboard packaging industry is the most sustainable in the world and emphasizes the growing the trees. On the other hand, plastic is still made with natural gas and primarily crude oil which is not just harmful to the environment but also an alarming situation for non-renewable resources. It causes the depletion of these resources.

Difference Between Cardboard and Plastic Packaging:

We can’t deny the factor of weight when we talk about the eco-credentials of different packaging. Polythene packaging is not as protective though it is lightweight as compared to cardboard. Window gable boxes are stronger, sturdy, and reliable. If we talk about edible items, then the benefit of the cardboard is very clear. Many items can change their taste when we put them in plastic bags, but cardboard retains the taste and fragrance of the food item.


Plastic packaging is expensive and can make your product unaffordable for most customers. But the cardboard is not just eco-friendly but also easily affordable. Cardboard is an easily decomposing material, but plastic needs 400 and 1000 years to decompose. Due to this cardboard is more preferable by every packaging customizing company. Cardboard can be easily recycled after use. But the recycling plastic is not easy.

The Benefits of Using Recycling Material:

It’s proved by research, and we also know that recycling of the material is good for nature, and it also minimizes the demand for finite natural resources by reusing existing materials. There are many other advantages of using recycling material such as, it can save energy and water. It’s common practice to recycle cardboard for decades. Less than 25% energy is required to recycle approximately 1-ton cardboard and 50% less water as compared to making it from new material.

So, we say that using recycled material is the best option by which we can save energy and water.

What Happened When We Threw the Packaging Boxes After Use?

According to research the disposal of cardboard and plastic is as follows:

Cardboard is recycled 86%, sent to landfill at 10%, and incinerated at 7%. On the other hand, plastic is recycled 40%, and it is sent to landfill 30%, and incinerated is also 30%.

Cardboard is decomposed easily, but plastic needs a very long period to decompose, which is dangerous for environmental safety. After decomposing the cardboard releases methane gas, which is a greenhouse gas, but the gas released by the decomposing of the plastic is virtually non-existent. So, cardboard has more advantages than plastic.

Due to the immense benefits of cardboard, many packaging customizing companies come towards cardboard packaging instead of plastic packaging.

Pros of Using Cardboard Packaging:

Cardboard has great benefits that we cannot deny, like it is sustainable, recyclable, reusable, cost-effective, great for storing things for a long time, and it is also best for every kind of printing. You can use any advanced printing technology for it like, 2D, 3D, printing, digital printing, and offset printing, etc. Packaging is not just used for the protection of the products, but it plays many more functions. It is the best and cheap of brand advertisement. And cardboard is the best option on which you can print your brand elements, it and can make it appealing with different printing designs and can easily grab your customers’ attention.


Besides this, plastic consumes more co2 and is also not recyclable properly. It also causes pollution in the environment. No doubt it is sturdy and durable, but it has fewer advantages as compared to cardboard. Due to its cones companies prefer to choose Suitcase Boxes for the packaging.

Increasing the Need for Cardboard Packaging:

Due to the rapid increase in e-commerce especially after the pandemic, the demand for cardboard increased rapidly. Corrugated cardboard is also the best for shipping items. It is a shock absorber and keeps the products safe from damage on the vibrant roads. It also keeps the product safe from moisture, dust, and all other harmful contaminants. There is no chance of mixing the harmful substances in the food items that are packed in it. Always keep in mind that everything that you through after use has consequences. Cardboard is more eco-friendly than plastic. If every company starts using cardboard, they prefer to plant more trees that will keep saving our atmosphere from pollution.

Best Place to Buy the Best Eco-Friendly Packaging:

If you are looking for the best quality packaging then we recommend you to cardboard boxes due to their great benefits. Using cardboard material for the packaging can save the people from harm and also the environment from pollution. To get the high-quality cardboard boxes in contact with ICB. We are the best customizing company and guide our clients to design their ideal boxes at a low cost. We aim to provide maximum benefits to our clients and keep the community safe by providing nature-friendly packaging. Our team helps to choose the precise size, stunning design, and best material for the packaging of your precious products. These boxes are preferred to use due to their eco-friendly nature, and it is also easily decomposable.

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