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Understanding the terms of the Demonstration License

Demonstration License is issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing per the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Rules, 1962 to applicants seeking to establish, maintain or work on wireless products with the view of selling them. This article simplifies the terms and conditions that govern this License. 


The import and manufacture of wireless products in India is increasing. However, before an importer or manufacturer can put them to sail, they must provide a demo to the customers. As per the Indian Telegraphy Rules, 1962, such demonstration can only be conducted by those importers, dealers or manufacturers with the demonstration license.

The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing provides this license under the guidance of the Department of Telecommunication. It has set forth terms and conditions that govern the issuance of this license. In this article, we demonstrate the conditions that govern demonstration licenses.

Conditions to meet for applying for the demonstration license

Following are the conditions that the applicant must meet before applying for the license:

Only eligible dealers can apply for the Demonstration License

As per the Indian telegraphy rules, eligible dealers are those service providers with the Possession license. Thus, before an applicant can apply for the dealer possession license, he must first obtain the DPL from the Wireless Planning and Coordination wing. Read More:Media Gateway Approval

No license shall be issued before the payment of the appropriate license fee

The applicant of the demonstration license can’t procure it for free. The Indian Telegraphy Rules state that the applicant must pay the requisite fees to the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing to procure permission to demonstrate the wireless product in India.

FORM A is the application that the applicant has to file for the License

To obtain the Demonstration License, the applicant has to apply via Form A along with the requisite documents. Furthermore, the applicant has to file the application form correctly and as per the norms of the Department of Telecommunication. Any mistake in the application filing procedure can delay the application’s process. It would further defer the issuance of the demonstration license.

Conditions to meet after obtaining the demonstration license

Following are the conditions the applicant must meet once they have obtained the License:

Demonstrations must only happen on frequencies prescribed in the License

The License specifies the frequencies at which the to-be-demonstrated wireless product operates. The applicant is not allowed to deviate from these assigned frequencies at any point during the demonstration. Doing so will be considered a violation of the terms of the License.

The applicant must only demonstrate the product according to the time mentioned in the License

The demonstration license specifies the hours the applicant has permission to demonstrate the product. The applicant has to act accordingly. If the applicant contravenes this condition, the Department of Telecommunication shall take swift action.

The demonstration shouldn’t interfere with other wireless products

During the demonstration, the applicant should ensure that the product doesn’t interfere with the working of any wireless station. If interference is found, the applicant must shut down the demonstration on the order of the Wireless Planning and Coordination wing. Read More: Maritime Approval

The wireless product must not be used for any purpose other than the demonstration

The applicant must only use the product for the purpose it has obtained license – demonstration. Thus, the terms of license prohibit the applicant from engaging in the sale of the wireless product. If the applicant wishes to sell the product, he must first procure the dealer possession license.


A demonstration License is a mandatory document that certifies that the licensee is fit to demonstrate the wireless product while keeping the terms and conditions in mind. This article has simplified some of those terms and conditions. For further details about this license, you must contact Registrationwala.

Demonstration license is issued under several terms and conditions. This blog helps the readers to understand those conditions of the demonstration license.

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