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UK Education System vs USA Education System

Have you ever wondered, does your country has the best education system or not?

Well, this question is one of the basic questions that every UK or USA student thinks about. And I am sure if you are from these regions, you are also seeking a relevant answer to this question.

There are several aspects through which we can differentiate the activities of the UK education system and US education system. In the following list, I am going to portrait the difference between the UK and the US education systems. Which will guide you about which one is better.

Variety of Courses:

UK education system provides a wide variety of courses through which any student can select the degree according to their interest.

The USA on the other hand, offer very limited course and the students are not allowed to select the course of their own choice.

Which makes it more difficult for the USA student as there have to migrate to other countries to select the course of their choice.

Apart from that, the courses offered in the UK education system are for a short period. Whereas, the courses offered in the USA education system are of long-period as it provides detailed knowledge about any course. 

Cost of Education:

Another difference is regarding the money spent on education in both the region whereas in the USA education system the cost per year is $29,000 to $40,000.

On the other hand, in UK education the cost per year is £9000, which becomes $14,300 when convert into US dollars.

Therefore, this means that UK education is much cheaper than the USA education system. The major reason is that the UK education system provides cheaper education. It is because of the time duration as USA courses are more detailed and lengthy as compared to UK courses. Due to the difference in the currency rate UK is much cheaper than the USA regarding student education.

Course Length:

As mentioned above, the UK education system has much shorter courses than the USA education system as the professors in the USA provided more information and detailed assessment than the UK professor. Whereas, due to this aspect, the bachelor’s degree finishes in the UK in 3 years while the USA education system provides 4 years of bachelor’s. Similar to this factor, the master’s degree in the UK is of 1 year, while 2 years in the US. On the other hand, in the UK, the UK citizen serves 3 to 4 years for the Ph.D. degree whereas; a USA citizen serves 5 to 7 years for the Ph.D. degree.

Method of Studying in the USA vs the UK:

The methods of studying in the UK is different than studying in the USA as in the UK majority of the course are based on lectures, include few assessments and contain mid-term and final term exam whereas, in the USA the courses are based on weekly assessments, monthly assessment, which contain the marks that add up in the final term exam. Assignment writer UK has started a service where student can easily develop their thesis or take help to complete their course effectively.

In the UK, And, which stands for High National Diploma, is the major course that few people pass so to cater this aspect few writers on the internet started a service of HND business assignments help where they provide relevant informant to pass this diploma easily and effectively. There is some course in the USA education system where lectures are used however, the USA education system believes more in practical work than in theoretical work.


Societies and Clubs:

As compared USA, UK has more societies and clubs that provide knowledge and entertainment to the students whereas the sports society in the UK comes on top of the list in the whole world. The major reason is that sports societies in the UK are more organized whereas the team of students is formed, which are led by Athletic Union. On the other hand, the USA has few societies as they are more focused on history so the major society that the USA education system has is the Greek life. Societies and clubs in the UK are more flexible as they more entertain their student with some extra-curricular activities than the USA education system. Apart from that, In the UK there are health societies especially in the medical universities where students learn practical work.

Employment Opportunities:

Getting a respected job is every student’s dream whereas very few earn this dream and apart from their hard work. The role of the education system is somewhat important for employment opportunities.

In the USA the education system work more on the practical aspect and due to this aspect, the skills of the students groom and get the job in the USA easily.

Whereas, on the other hand, the UK works more theoretically so the student has to work hard to get a respected job.

On the other hand, if the business perspective is concerned. There are various opportunities in the UK to start a business. While there are very few chances for the startup to be succeeded in the USA. Due to the market giants that create hindrance in the new entrepreneur activities. Apart from that, there are more job opportunities in the USA than in the UK.

The Environment:

Security is important in every region whereas, since UK and USA are concerned. The education system of both countries provides a safe environment.

However, the UK is safer than the USA as the USA has a high rate of street crime. Which also affects the students’ minds and their studies.

Apart from that, the UK education system has a very strict policy regarding any illegal activities. Even for the university students such as the usage of drugs of any kind. While the USA has no strict regarding this aspect as students use the drug to ease their problems and tensions. The USA offers more of a diverse environment whereas, the UK prefers its students to foreign students.


To conclude I would suggest that the education system of both countries is better in their perception. The only thing that matters is that how what are your requirements.

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