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UAE Golden Visa: Golden Opportunity for Investors

The United Arab Emirates recently implemented a long-term resident visa program for expatriates living in and outside the country. It is thrilling news for those non-UAE citizens who were planning to secure permanent residency in the UAE and were eagerly waiting for the execution of such a scheme. The UAE golden visa for investors will offer a lot of flexibility, freedom, and security to those investors, who were living and conducting business in the UAE, adhering to rigid laws of business. Besides, this visa will not just provide them the freedom to work, but also to study and settle in the UAE. Moreover, with the new rule, foreign investors can fully own their businesses operating within the nation’s boundaries. 

The UAE golden visa grants people the advantage to stay in the Gulf country for 10 years, provided they meet specific eligibility criteria. With this operation, the UAE government has demonstrated its loyalty toward expatriates and investors by providing them home in the UAE and making them feel comfortable about their future. 

This article will give you in-depth information about the UAE golden visa for investors, its advantages, eligibility criteria, and the application procedure. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it! 

UAE Golden Visa 

The UAE golden visa for investors is a scheme launched by the UAE government that permits investors, researchers, and students to stay in the UAE for 5 to 10 years. The mission to propel this scheme was to retain the exceptional talent in the country. Moreover, the application procedure is very easy. Therefore, anyone can apply for a golden visa in the UAE. 

However, the authorities have made strict rules regarding who can actually own it. People under the following category can avail the facilities provided in the Golden visa – 

  • Investors 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Individuals with exceptional talent such as researchers, Medical Professionals, etc. 
  • Exceptional students 
  • Individuals in the scientific and knowledge fields 

The UAE golden visa was launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, on 21 May 2019. He further announced that the first batch of 6800 investors with an investment of $100 billion would be given a ‘golden card’. 

Advantages of Golden visa 

  • Expats can work, live, conduct business, as well as study in the UAE under the Golden Visa Program. 
  • The golden visa holder can sponsor their spouse and children, that too without any outside assistance. 
  • They can have the liberty to sponsor at least three employees.
  • The holder of the UAE golden visa can obtain a residency visa for a senior employee of the company. 
  • People who are engaged with any research program, or simply doing their business can stay in UAE for five to ten years. 
  • Without any doubt, the golden visa offers 100% ownership of the company to the foreign investor. 
  • The foreign investor does not have to seek the assistance of a national sponsor to establish their business on UAE soil. 
  • Investors can settle in UAE and also enjoy a very high quality of life.
  • Due to the strategic location, investors can easily travel and operate as well as expand their business. 

Eligibility criteria for UAE Golden Visa for Investors 

The most common long-term residence visa in the UAE is the UAE investor visa. To apply for this visa,  the applicant must invest a considerable amount of money in UAE. 

Additionally, there are two types of UAE investor visas, which have their requirements and eligibility criteria.

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UAE long-term residence visa for 10 years 

10-year long-term visa is applicable for those who fall under the below category – 

  • Investment of at least AED 10 million in the public sector 
  • People with specialized talents such as a doctor, scientists, medical specialists, etc. 
  • Individuals with a special talent in the field of culture and art
  • Engineers in computer programming, electronics, electrical, and biotechnology 

While investing AED 10 million for the 10-year long-term residence visa, you can execute either of the following – 

  • Deposit in an investment fund 
  • Set up a company in the UAE worth AED 10 million
  • Become a partner in an existing company with shares not less than AED 10 million 

Also remember, while investing the money, make sure that the money is not borrowed or loaned from any institution. Plus, you maintain the investment for at least three years. 

Furthermore, you may also extend the visa to include business partners, on the condition that each one of them contributes AED 10 million. Apart from that, it also includes the spouse, children, one executive director, and one advisor. 

UAE long-term residence visa for 5 years 

For a 5-year long-term residence visa, you need to fall under any of the below categories – 

  • Have an investment of not less than AED 5 million in a property in the UAE 
  • Entrepreneur with an existing company worth minimum capital of AED 500,000 
  • An exceptionally bright student with a minimum grade of 95% in a public or private secondary school or a GPA of at least 3.75 in a university in or outside the country 

The criteria for investment for a 5-year long-term residence visa are quite comparable to the criteria for a 10-year long-term visa. Similarly, the money must not be loaned and the investment has to be maintained for at least three years. 

Documents required while applying for UAE Golden Visa for investors 

  • Copy of passport of the investor 
  • Passport-sized photograph 
  • Entry permit/any existing visa
  • Medical test results 
  • Immigration establishment card 
  • Documents related to the purpose of travel to the UAE 

The documentation procedure might differ in different cases. For example, you might also need to secure approval from authorities before applying for the Golden Visa. Additionally, you might also need the help of an attorney or other authorized legal entity as the golden visa procedure is more sensitive. 

Further, individuals with specialized talents related to fields of science and knowledge or culture and art need to have a valid employment contract in their specialized field of priority in the UAE. To further illustrate, 

  • Scientists must be accredited by the Emirates Scientists Council or official holders of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence. 
  • Individuals from the field of culture and art must be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Youth. 
  • Investors must hold a patent of value approved by the Ministry of Economy. 
  • Doctors/specialists/exceptional talents must have articles or scientific research published in distinguished publications in their respective fields of work. 
  • They must have awards or certificates of appreciation in their respective field, and also membership in a reputed organization related to their field.
  • Investors/entrepreneurs/executives must own a leading and internationally recognized company, or hold high academic achievement and positions.
  • The medical and creative specialists must hold a Ph.D. degree, including 10-year professional experience in their field. They can also have specialization in areas of priority to the UAE. 

Join hands with the team of Shuraa 

The core idea behind implementing this scheme is to bring in more long-term business development plans and draw in new and vibrant talent in the UAE. The UAE Golden Visa program will influence the skilled younger generation of entrepreneurs to start their businesses in the UAE and invest in the country’s economy. 

To know further details about the UAE Golden Visa for investors, contact us today! 

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Collaborate with us and aboard your journey to the enriched life of UAE! 

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