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Travel insurance for Morocco

Travel insurance for Morocco

What travel insurance to choose to go to Morocco

The proposals for travel insurance are really many. An important factor in the choice of travel insurance is the frequency and duration of vacations. In fact, there are travel insurances with single coverage and others with annual coverage.

What is the difference and when should you choose one or the other?

*Single coverage travel insurance: it is valid for a single vacation, the one indicated at the time the policy is taken out, and only for the days indicated in the contract. Therefore, a new policy must be taken out for each trip. Suitable for those who take only a few vacations a year, one or two, and/or of short duration.

*annual travel insurance (or multi-trip): applies to all trips made within a year. It is convenient for those who travel often as it allows them to save money compared to the total amount of individual insurances they would have to take out.

There are also insurances for families, which allow you to save money when you travel with your children.

Discount codes

Thanks to the agreements signed with the following insurances. You can immediately get a discount from 5 to 15% or in other cases a fixed discount in euros.

The advantages of travel insurance for Morocco

Travel insurance covers all possible risks related to travel. The main guarantees of travel insurance for the trip are


Care Expenses citizens in possession of a health card while on vacation in Europe are entitled to basic medical care (to take advantage of this, remember to always carry your health card with you!). However, you may need specialist visits that are not covered by the basic medical coverage, or in the most unfortunate cases, you may have to return home because you are no longer able to continue your trip. It is therefore always advisable to take out an insurance policy that covers all medical expenses, including hospitalization and a possible early return home. In addition, in non-EU countries, medical expenses are considerable. For example, in the United States, a simple consultation with a specialist can cost up to 1000.00 USD and an intervention tens of thousands of euros.

Flight reimbursement

You would never want this to happen, but if for some reason you can no longer travel, your insurance will reimburse all or part of the expenses you incurred. Some policies also cover any penalties applied by travel agencies to those who cancel and the costs incurred to reschedule the trip to other dates. The opposite could happen, i.e. it is the airline that cancels the flight or, worse, goes bankrupt and therefore can no longer guarantee any air connection. The insurance covers you in case of cancellation of your trip or of the airline.

Baggage protection

It is every traveller’s nightmare: arriving at the destination airport and not finding your suitcase. Travel insurance not only covers you in case of non-delivery of your luggage but also if it is damaged or stolen. Immediate assistance A serious insurance does not leave you alone in your time of need. The best companies offer assistance 24 hours a day every day of the year, including holidays. You will always be able to speak directly with a telephone operator or chat via the Internet. Explain your situation and follow the instructions that will be provided to you.

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