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Top six tips for studying 10x faster

Students have a hard time studying and learning quickly. This is because memorizing and learning so many topics can be pretty tough. So, to save some time, students get assignment help, hire tutors, and do everything to get good results. If you struggle to remember everything, follow our tips above to see a change. Of course, nothing happens overnight. But even after struggling for days and weeks, if you could not find a solution, then we have it for you. Here we have mentioned six tips that will help you study 10x faster.

1)  Read loudly

Most of the students struggle to memorize because they do not read loudly. When you are reading loudly, your ears and brain are activated simultaneously, which helps in effective learning. If you have not tried it out, give it a try, and we are sure you will be amazed.  While you are learning, hire a custom essay helper to get help with your assignments.

2) Read and write

Another tip we have for you is to read and write. You must have heard this common tip everywhere here students are asked to read and write. This helps in remembering things longer and improving your memory. You can follow up with the previous tip to get better results.

3) Study in small chunks

Studying continuously for long hours is not the only way for improving memory. Instead, try studying in small chunks. Study a topic and then take a break. This will allow your brain to rest before moving on to the next topic. When you study so many things together, then the chances are that you will not be able to be through with all of them.

4) Try out new techniques

If traditional learning methods are not working for you, try out newer techniques. Try out different study hacks like studying through visualization or mnemonic devices etc. Everyone has their way of learning. If you have not tried it out, give it a try, and we are sure you will be amazed. Some learn better at a confined place, while others learn better at a café. Find out which one works best for you.

5) Take notes by hands

The next tip which we have for you is taking notes by hand. This tip was used back in the day, but people have stopped doing this with advanced technology. So instead of writing on your iPad and recording classes, try making notes through your hands. This will help you be active, writing and learning, and it has proven to give better results.

6) Teach someone else

Finally, our last tip is to teach someone else. Teaching someone else exposes you to the topic more. This not only helps the other person to learn but also clarifies your knowledge on the topic. You can teach a friend, sibling or anyone else to grasp the material quickly.

Follow these tips to learn any topic ten times faster. You can follow any of these tips or all of them together to see a change in your study results.


There are tons of subjects to study, so having tips to learn faster is very helpful. If you struggle to remember everything, follow our tips above to see a change. Of course, nothing happens overnight. So, try following these tips multiple times to get the most out of it.

Author Bio

Bridget Jackson is a lecturer at the University of Nebraska. Currently, she is working at as a dedicated custom essay helper.

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