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Top Houses To Rent in Pakistan for Couples in 2022


Houses to rent are available on your way to Pakistan. The best place for a honeymoon is to find a place where you can spend some quality time with your spouse after you get married. Where should you go? How much will it cost? Where should one go for such a precious adventure? Isn’t our own country full of beautiful places? Have you been to the paradise of your own country? If your answer is no, then you may want to reconsider going to another country. This is because you must visit your own country first. The following is a list of the best honeymoon spots in Pakistan in 2022.


Top Honeymoon Spots in Pakistan 2022

It’s easy to spend quality time with your partner in Pakistan. But first, you need to decide where you and your partner want to go? Is it somewhere historical or romantic? Now let’s talk about some romantic places to visit in our country for your honeymoon:



The Beautiful Kashmir

The hilly regions, high sky-high trees, and mountains, the greenery, the beautiful houses, and the breathtaking views are like a paradise on earth. You should visit this place on your honeymoon.

Additionally, the Neelum River in the bustling dense green forests, beautiful rivers, and fascinating surroundings surrounding the valley are spread across the small Himalayas of the Neelum Valley.


The region is still known for some famous places like Athmuqam, Kutton Jagran, Karen, Neelum, Ratti Gali, Noori Top, Sharda.

The Neelum Valley’s new attractions are Lake Patrick and the Peak.


The Pretty  Naran Kaghan


In Pakistan, the valley of Naran Kaghan is one of the most desired places to visit. The air in Naran and Kaghan is pure and magical. However, the natural environment is the highlight.


Located at an elevation of 2,362 m above sea level. Shogran is about 34 km from Balakot. It is a hill station, so the best time to visit is in summer since it is a hill station. The winters bring a lot of rainfall.


Siri Paye Meadows is a must-see when you visit Shogran. A green landscape is capped by snow-covered peaks and clouds. Access to the region is by jeep due to the poor road conditions.


Valley of Kumrat

Kumrat Valley is another excellent choice for honeymooners who wish to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of cities. It will be a struggle on the road, but it is nothing compared to the beauty of the destination. This valley is even more stunning than it appears from the pictures. Kumrat Valley offers a range of houses to rent options that are not at the high-end but still maintain a high standard for newlyweds.


Hotels, glamping, or camping are available. It takes 11 hours to travel from Islamabad to Kumrat valley, a distance of approximately 384 kilometers. The Panjkora River offers trout fish, a jeep ride, a walk in the forest, and hiking opportunities.


You get a good night’s sleep listening to the river flow in houses to rent and smelling the forest. Some of Kumrat Valley’s other attractions include:


The Valley of Hunza


There are some spells in this area. The fresh air and the mountain peaks, the snowfall views in winter, and the snow-covered tops of mountains are some events you will never forget. Cherry trees, wild fruits, and lakes make this area worth a visit.


Gilgit Baltistan


In this area, Skardu has most of the rest houses to rent and high mountain hotels. A variety of hiking areas with your partner and the views from the top of the mountains will leave you spellbound.


Meadows of Fairy


Fairy meadows are unlike any other place on earth. Staying in houses to rent at this area with the night sky full of stars and the view of the sky during the day makes you feel very blessed to be in this place. This is also the best place to spend time with your partner.


Visiting your own country, Pakistan, in 2022, is both pocket-friendly and environmentally friendly.


The Swat Valley


There are also green forests and meadows in the Alps, as well as snow-covered mountains, which provide plenty of fun.


With an average elevation of 3,220 feet, Swat is higher than most of Pakistan, and the climate is cool and humid. There are many interesting attractions in the valley, such as Mahodand Valley & Lake, Natural Ushu Valley & Ushu Forest.


See Murree


There is always something to do in Murree, whether it is summer or winter. In the Punjab Province, Murree was the summer capital of the British Raj. In the summer, people from all over Pakistan want to visit there to enjoy the natural surroundings. That can be seen from houses to rent. They can also experience amazing snowfall in the winter.


The main tourist attractions in Murree are Bhurban and Patriata (New Murree). Mall Road is also a popular tourist destination. It attracts visitors from different parts of Asia because of its beautiful flora and breathtaking views. Murree Hills’ most popular hiking trails are Dunga Gali, Mushkpuri Hill, Nathiagali, Bara Gali, and Mall Road.


Explore Kumrat


The Kumrat Valley would be another good choice if you intend to spend your honeymoon some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In spite of some road challenges, you will be rewarded with its beauty. As you will see from the pictures, the valley is much more beautiful than it appears. Throughout Kumrat Valley, there are lush forests and green grass. At Kumrat Valley, you will find that houses to rent are not high-end but still maintain a standard that is well suited for newlyweds.


Guests have the option of staying at hotels or glamping. Islamabad is 384 Km away from Kumrat valley, and it takes 11 hours to travel between the two towns. Fresh trout fish can be found in the Panjkora River, you can go hiking, take a ride in a jeep, and view the forest. While lying in bed listening to the river flow and breathing in the aroma of the forest, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. At Kumrat Valley, you can enjoy the following:


  1. The Lake of Kotora
  2. Jahaz Banda
  3. Kala Chashma
  4. Kumrat Waterfall
  5. Pajartan
  6. Dojanga
  7. Tobot Dub


The South of Pakistan


Several places in the South of Pakistan are not to be missed if you wish to visit. Camping and water sports are available at the beaches. The main attractions are:


  • The Princess of Hope Beach (Kund Malir Beach)
  • Gorakh Hills
  • Gwadar
  • Ormara beach
  • Churna Island
  • Makran Coastal Highway


Island of Mabali


Water sports are a specialty of the crew, and hospitality has always been a forte. A newlywed couple can have a relaxing time at this nature-based resort.


The hotel offers special honeymoon packages ranging from PKR 17,200 to PKR 49,200 for stays of 1 night to 3 nights. Take part in a bonfire night, candlelit dinner by the lake, or a walk alongside the lake.


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