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Top 5 Network Licenses in India

Network Licenses are authorizations that Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing issues to those seeking to operate on network wireless products required for wireless telecommunication. In this article, we are discussing the Top 5 Network Licenses among them.

Five network licenses that hold of the key to telecom sector in India

While all the network licenses are differ and telecom sector of India requires them, there are five that have gained the most attention over the last 5 years.

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Experimental License: One needs Experimental License to import telecommunication products for the purpose of experimentations. It’s an research and development authorization mostly granted to research companies and authorities that seek to understand the inner nuances of telecommunication equipment.

Captive Radio Paging license: Captive radio paging is the authorization to operate a telecommunication product over a certain frequency band. In order to obtain this license, the applicant has to first obtain the SACFA clearance from the Department of Telecommunication.

GSM Service License: In order to provide a standard collection of applications and services over the Global System of Mobile communication, the applicant has to apply for the GSM service license. The number of mobile phone users is rising in India. it has paved the way for the rapid increase in the demand for the GSM service license.

Commercial VSAT license: a Very Small Aperture Terminal is a two way grounding station with a dish antenna with diameter smaller than 3.8 meters. They are the equipment behemoths like DISH TVs and other companies of same vein install in households to provide them access to television channels. Although one operates them under the provisions of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, their wireless nature makes it imperative to obtain the Commercial VSAT license from the Department of telecommunication.

Captive VSAT Service: As per the Net Telecom Policy 1999,  DOT issues Captive VSAT (CUG) license on non-exclusive basis to provide data connectivity between various sites. When it comes to these sites, they form part of CUG scattered throughout India through VSATs or Very Small Aperture Terminals.

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What is the procedure to acquire any Network Certificate among them?

The procedure to obtain any of the aforementioned network registrations is the same.

  1. Furnishing of documents: While the nature of the details present in the documents will differentiate, the documents you’d need will remain the same. They are as follows:
    1. Certificate of incorporation
    2. Memorandum of Association
    3. Articles of Association
    4. Schematic Diagram of the telecom product
    5. sample of the telecom product
    6. Authorization letter from the Board of the company
    7. Technical specification of the product
    8. Cover letter for network registration
    9. Document describing the type of network services the applicants seeks to provide.
  2. Application filing: The applicant must file both an online and offline application. The online procedure will inform the department of the existence of an applicant, while an offline procedure is through which the applicant submits the physical copies of the required documents.
  3. Application assessment and licensing: Application assessment is done in two stages – one for the application and documents, and another for the product testing. Once the DOT is satisfied with the applicant’s performance in both stages, it issues the applicant the Network certificate.


Network services can be quite confusing for many to understand. Regardless of their complexity, they are the reasons India’s telecom sector is seen with an eyes of envy by most nations around the globe. For more information about network licenses, consult with Registrationwala.

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Know about the Top 5 Network Licenses in India that are defining the Indian telecommunication sector. Understand the nuances of these network certificates and get started to become an agent of change.

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