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Top 5 e-Learning Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2022

An eLearning has always become a centre of attraction and a hot topic for enterprises and institutions worldwide. And during the pandemic, we do not need any kind of statement to highlight how it helped in lessening the learning gap. A crisis came unexpected, but eLearning solutions successfully tackled it. If we talk about market reports, eLearning courses registered a 200% growth between 2020 to 2021. Videos, online lectures and discussion forums were a few of the e-Learning Trends that created milestones.

But wait! The story is not yet over, as, after a few days, we are stepping up into 2022. Don’t want to know how this new year will bring new trends in an eLearning domain? Keep reading this post to get a better reference! After all, your company can also follow either of these e-Learning trends.

For your company, we have identified major e-Learning trends that are going to gain enterprises’ attention and popularity next year. What are they? The answer is below.

Adaptive Learning

Interactivities, discussions on project and customizing learning for every learner this is what the beauty of adaptive learning solutions are. Interactive assessments assess your learners’ ability and determine what eLearning strategies companies or their instructors’ need to follow. What changes in the training curriculum and obstacles are needed to tackle? All answers you will get with adaptive learning programs.

Many companies and organisations have opted for this eLearning trend in the 2 years (2020 and 2021) of tenure. But the twist is that they implemented it on a small level. No worries, if you want to look at its wider impact, wait for 2022. Customized eLearning courses according to learners’ requirements are the foreseeable future, and your company would be a part of it too!

Social media learning

Did you know most of your teen learners and even adults, too, spend 3 to 4 hours on average on social media! But what activities are they performing in that duration? Chatting and discussing new trending learning topics is the answer! Does not it sound good for your company also? In fact, you can use your learners’ social media screen time for the learning purpose. Divert them towards engaging scenarios and gamification courses integrated at social media channels.

Do not get shocked if online forums, class-wide chatrooms, and file-sharing platforms gain popularity in the social media space. After all, they are the part of futuristic learning, and in 2022, they will grow by 23%. So, if your company has remote instructors, they can host learning sessions through this channel effectively. No matter whether they are at home or a coffee shop, social media learning is accessible 24*7.


Your learners want an education in the form of entertainment and activity. Who loves rote learning in your company? NO ONE! So, why do not your company gamify all of the training courses? One recent psychological study shows, gamification courses increases the engagement level by 50%. Rewards, scoreboards and automated gaming metrics that define your learners’ learning performance are a few of the examples your company can start with.

In 2022, many companies are going to adopt this method, and we suggest you to do the same! Wait! You do not have technical infrastructure or resources for that? Do not worry; e-learning services providers are there to provide your company with optimal gamification learning courses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

So, far you have heard this terminology in the field of robotics, manufacturing and other industries! But for many years, AI has been penetrating eLearning as well, and in 2022 it will be clearly visible to all enterprises. Have you ever pondered over how Chatbots and auto-generate mail works? Well, it is all the magic of AI. In the context of eLearning, from prediction to analysing the learning performance of your learners, AI covers them all.

And do not think that this technology is playing a cameo. It is here to stay for long! If you have an LMS for your corporate learning, use AI to manage everything. From administering to managing courses, all is a matter of a few clicks. But if you lack in an optimal LMS, we suggest collaborating with an e-learning solutions provider. They have a robust infrastructure, which means no compromise on quality standards in developing AI solutions for their clients.

Immersive Technologies

If we discussed AI, how can we not discuss immersive technologies AR VR? According to market reports, more than 23 million jobs in this sector will generate £1.4 trillion for the global economy.

So, what is so special about these advanced technologies? An immersive learning experience is an answer! After all, your learners are getting a risk-free learning environment. No matter how sophisticated concepts you teach them, AR VR learning solutions cover them all!

Key Takeaways

Over the last 20 years, the eLearning has grown by 900%. And many trends in this tenure have been associated with the eLearning domain. But there are more to come, and your company must be ready to opt for it. Advanced eLearning courses should be your companies priority, and pick the right vendor to receive the same.

Well, Acadecraft is the right name to count on! We have certified and experienced eLearning solutions developers in the team. Get customized, interactive and innovative eLearning solutions in low prices.

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