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Top 21 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Rome to See

Top 21 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Rome to See: There were many times that I wondered how it is that Rome (Italy) is home to numerous famous tourist attractions to see. However, not every city on earth. 

Also, in Italy, there are numerous beautiful spots that are not anywhere elsewhere. However, when I began to study the background of this wonderful city, and what everyone would like to see, I was able to understand quickly.

Because Rome has a long time and has had settlers over a thousand years ago. It also had some of one of the most powerful rulers in the world such as the Roman Emperors. 

In the past, long centuries of colonists built a variety of fascinating structures which are still left as traces. Generate the Roman names from the Roman name generator.

Amazing Tourist Attractions in Rome to See:

1. Vatican City

One of the most well-known tourist spots to see during your visit to Rome can be found in Vatican City. Although Vatican City is a separate state from Rome nevertheless, it has stunning sights to visit. 

It is also one of the smallest cities-states in the world. It has been a separate entity since 1929 when the popes refused to acknowledge the Italian King’s authority.

The fact is, Vatican City is an independent city-state located in Rome however it is administered through the Pope. Some of the most important landmarks and locations in Vatican City are St. Peter`s Basilica, St. Peter`s Square, Apostolic Palace, Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

2. Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona Piazza Navona is a public place that lies on an ancient site that dates back to the early century. It’s one of the most famous tourist attractions in Rome. The square was used to play for the residents of the ancient city of Rome.

It is situated in the city’s centre, with a plethora of churches, museums and palaces. But, on the square are certain monuments such as those of the Fiumi Fountain, Fountain of Moro and Fountain of Neptune.

3. Pantheon

The next incredible famous animal of the most escort antalya popular tourist sites located in Rome that you should see includes the Pantheon. The Roman architectural style was unique in the period when this Pantheon was constructed. 

It is taller than 58 meters and its length is 84 metres. The date of its construction was before 126 under the reign of the Hadrian Emperor.

The date of construction is unclear as Hadrian Emperor decided not to record it for future generations. The Pantheon is located in the centre of Rome. It is amazing and has stood for a long time.

The Pantheon is an older Roman temple that was used constantly as the church. Its front facade resembles the main part of Apollo’s Temple with a circular structure behind it. This circular structure has an oculus at the top, which is a large opening on the dome.

4. Basilica of Saint Paul`s Outside the Walls

Another of the most well-known tourist spots to visit within Rome includes Rome’s Basilica of Saint Paul`s Outside the Walls. The basilica is situated in Rome and is considered to be one of the cathedrals of the Pope. 

But it is located outside the boundaries of Vatican City. It is named after the fact that it is dedicated to saint Paul who was one of the Twelve Apostles. The basilica was built over Saint Paul’s grave.

It was given its final appearance and specifications in 1840. They measure 150m in length and 80 meters in width. The building’s construction started at the beginning of the 4th century. 

However, it was later extended. In the 5th century, it was bigger in size than Old St. Peter`s Basilica. It has been included in the Unesco World Heritage Sites list since 1980.

5. St. Peter`s Square

St. Peter`s Square is another of the most famous tourist attractions to see in Rome. Gian Lorenzo Bernini was the architect who designed it, and the construction began in 1656 and lasted until 1667. 

This square is situated within Vatican City in front of the basilica. The square was originally designed to be a vast space where the public is able to listen to the Pope’s address.

6. Imperial Fora 

The Imperial Fora is an ancient location in the centre of Rome. It lies in between Rome’s Altar of the Father and the Colosseum. This was where the Roman Empire used this site from the time of 46 BC to the year 113 AD. The ruins found on this site are squares, monuments and buildings and amphitheatres.

The site is comprised of the remains of Trajan’s Market Trajan Forum Forum of Augustus, Forum of Ceasar, Forum of Nerva, Forum of Vespasian, Basilica Emilia, Roman Forum, Archaeological Site of Colosseo, Temple of Vesta, Septimius Severus Arch, House of Vestals, Column of Phocas, Basilica Julia, Tabularium, Curia Julia, Temple of Romolo, Temple of Saturno, Basilica of Maxentius, Flavian Palace and more.

7. Spanish Steps

The next tourist destination to see in Rome includes The Spanish Steps. The Spanish Steps connect the church to the Piazza di Spagna- Spanish Square. 

This fascinating place is situated in Rome and is part of the Trinity dei Monti church. The massive staircase has 135 steps, and the date of construction is 1723 to 1725.

Two famous architects Francesco de Sanctis and Alessandro Specchi created this stairway. The Spanish Steps has become a famous and popular tourist attraction, so it is not surprising that it’s very packed. 

However, it is important to know that it’s not permitted to consume any sandwich or food items on the steps. This stairwell has been featured in many films after it was made famous.

8. Trevi Fountain

The next of the top attractions to see during your time in Rome is the Trevi fountain. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions around the globe since everyone is aware of it. 

The fountain is situated in the Trevi area in Rome in the backdrop for the Poli Palace. The date of construction of the fountain is 1762, and it is situated in the capital of Italy, Rome.

The fountain was originally Nicola Salvi architect designed it but it was later given overhauls in 1998 and 1988. The dimensions of the fountain are 26.3 metres tall and 49.15 meters wide. It also appears in more films during the seasons, like La Dolce Vita or Three Coins in the Fountain.

Today, the Italian National Postal Service uses its logo for postage stamps. There is also a ritual for people who visit. The visitors throw coins into the fountain and then stand back to it after they have wished for something to come to reality. 

However, the coins are taken only by official authorities and they aren’t allowed to be used by anyone’s guests. Therefore, do not take one of these! Note: If you want to generate Roman names then you can generate them from the Roman last name generator.

9. Colosseum

Another of the must-see tourist attractions to see within Rome (Italy) includes the Colosseum. The Colosseum could accommodate 50,000 up to 80.000 people in its golden era. Colosseum is an amphitheatre that dates back to Roman times that is situated in the centre of the city of Rome.

This magnificent structure is in place from 72 to 80 AD. It is also the biggest amphitheatre ever built. Two Roman Emperors sat on the throne at the time of its construction. 

The first was Vespasian Emperor, and then the death of his son Titus Emperor was seated on the throne. Vespasian Emperor was the one who ordered the Colosseum but when he passed away in 79, his son Titus was the first to take over the amphitheatre.

10. St. Peter`s Basilica 

St. Peter`s Basilica is another of the most famous tourist spots in Rome. The Basilica is a Roman Catholic Church of the Vatican City located within Rome. This church, St. Peter`s Basilica is the largest church in the world. It is the grave place of saint Peter.

Since Peter was saintly. Peter is one of the twelve Apostles who were disciples of Jesus Christ. The burial place of saint Peter is believed to be inside the basilica beneath the altar.

If you are in Rome it is essential to visit the Vatican and it is worth it. The date of construction for the basilica in Vatican City is 1506- 1626. It has a Renaissance style. The dimensions of the basilica include 136.6 metres in height with a length of 220 metres and 150 metres wide.

The site was the Old St. Peter`s Basilica in around the fourth century. However, the basilica had been in disrepair, and the first pope commanded the restoration of the basilica.

11. Castel Sant Angelo

Another well-known tourist destination is located in Rome. You ought to see includes the Castel Sant Angelo. It also has a different name, the Mausoleum of Hadrian. 

The castle was built in the 2nd century. the cylindrical tower that the Hadrian Roman Emperor commissioned as his mausoleum for his family. The popes have used the castle, and it currently serves as a museum.

The date of construction the castle dates from 123 to 139 and is operational as a museum since the year 1901. The castle by its own part is part of the exhibit. It has more statues in the surrounding area and on the bridge in front of the castle.

12. Victor Emanuelle II National Monument

It is also one of the most famous tourist attractions in Rome that isn’t an actual church, but it is fascinating. It is the Altar of the Fatherland also known as the Victor Emmanuel II National Monument.

This monument pays tribute to the very first King of united Italy Victor Emmanuel II. Its construction dates are between 1885 and the year 1935. It is situated within Piazza Venezia and Capitoline Hill. It was constructed following the death of the king in 1878.

13. Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano

Another gorgeous basilica that has a stunning design can be found in the Basilica di San Giovanni Laterano. Alessandro Galilei architect designed the basilica’s construction which began at the beginning of the 4th century. 

Because Rome is a holy city, there are numerous gorgeous churches dating from the early periods that feature interesting decorations and paintings.

This basilica is also referred to by the name of Archbasilica for Saint John Lateran. It is also one of the oldest and most beautiful of the four papal important basilicas of Rome. 

It was however built and renovated several times until the final date in 1735. The basilica is built in the Baroque or Neoclassical style. It is also one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites since the year 1980.

14. Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are the next top tourist destinations to visit in Rome. The museum’s date of establishment was 1506 and its collection includes 70.000 pieces. 

The museums, only display approximately 20.000 works. Pope Julius II created the museums and they are home to pieces of public art, and sculptures as well.

In these museums, are more works from famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. The ceiling is also famous artwork by Michelangelo.

Some of the museums include of them: the Sistine Chapel, Chiaramonti Museum, History Museum, Pius and Clementine Museum, Gregorian Egyptian Museum, Misionero Ethnological Museum and the Paintings Gallery of the Vatican Museums.

15. Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore

Another beautiful basilica located in Rome it is the Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore. It is currently among Rome’s Papal Major Basilicas and it has also been included in the Unesco World Heritage Sites since the year 1980.

The construction of the basilica began in 432 and finished in 1743. The basilica was completed later, as it was expanded multiple times, and was damaged due to an earthquake in 1348.

16. Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere

The basilica is also known as, Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere. Carlo Fontana designed the Roman Catholic Church and it is dedicated to the mother of Jesus. The construction began at the end of the 4th century. It was later extended more times until the final design was completed in 1143.

17. Domus Aurea

Domus Aurea Domus Aurea is the next one of the most famous tourist attractions you must visit in Rome. These are the remains of a vast palace complex that was ordered by The Nero Emperor. 

The date of construction for the complex dates between 64 and 68. The type of structure that is part of this palace is Roman Villa.

18. Sistine Chapel

The next of the stunning attractions in Rome is the Sistine Chapel. This is a church located in Vatican City and it belongs to the Apostolic Palace which is the home of Pope Francis. The name was given to it by pope Sixtus IV. who rebuilt the chapel between 1477-1480.

This chapel is renowned for its unique ceiling design, which was created by Michelangelo following the restoration and reconstruction. 

There are other stunning frescos inside the chapel that were created by different artists following the restoration. The other artists include Pietro Perugino, Sandro Botticelli, Cosimo Roselli and so on.

19. Palazzo Barberini

Palazzo Barberini Palazzo Barberini can be described as a 17th-century palace located in Rome and is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome. 

The palace is however facing directly onto the Piazza Barberini. Today, the building houses the National Gallery of Ancient Art. On the first site, there was a small castle in 1549.

However, in 1625, one of the members of the Barberini family took over the palace. When Maffeo Barberini took over this palace, the Barberini family, demanded an extension. 

But, three architects completed the work over 8 years and completed the project in 1633. The ceiling of the palace is stunning with frescos that were painted by Italian artists.

20. Borghese Gallery and Museum

The second attraction you must visit in Rome will be Rome’s Borghese Museum and Museum. The gallery and museum take place inside the former Villa Borghese. The museum’s founding date dates back to 1903; there are also gorgeous frescos on the walls of the villa.

The Villa Borghese has large gardens that are also popular tourist destinations. The museum exhibits mostly the Borghese collection including paintings. 

Artworks from the past and modern art as well as sculpture work, among other artefacts. The majority of the artefacts on display are from the 15th through the 18th century.

21. Capitoline Museums

The most impressive attraction to be seen in Rome can be seen in Rome’s Capitoline Museums. The museums are comprised of three buildings that are located around Piazza del Campidoglio. 

The museums are statues, ancient sculptures as well as inscriptions. Roman artefacts, and bronze sculptures.

These buildings are the Palazzo Senatorio, Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo. The museums opened to visitors in 1734, but they have collections dating further than a century ago.

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