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Top 10 Common Study Challenges and Their Solutions

The life of a student is both adventuring and chaotic. While sometimes it is the best phase to live on, other times it may sound stressful. All these different emotions vary from time to time and the common study challenges are the causes behind it. 

What are the causes? how to deal with them? Learn here and you will get the best tips to make your student life a memorable phase of your lifespan. 

What Are The Most Common Study Challenges Students Face In Studies?

“My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things.” – Bill Gates

There are several challenges that students may face while studying. If you are also facing the same thing as most of the study challenges in writing projects, just ping us by searching rewrite my essay online and our best writers will be there.

Here, we will cover all small yet important factors that have an impact on students’ studies and will also discuss their solutions.

Let’s get started!

1. Adjusting In A New Environment

If you have switched schools or cities, you may feel uneasy at first. Unlike extroverts, introverted students or ambivert, take time to adjust to any environment. 


  • Make a call or video call every day to your family or friends.

  • Write a diary to stress out. 

  • Give yourself some time to adjust. Until then you can explore the city or nearby places.

2. Making Friends 

It’s not easy to get friends with everyone at the first meeting, These are the most common study challenges. Like you, other students also feel hesitant and shy. But it’s fine. It takes time to understand and observe people. Until then, you can wait and be yourself.

It’s good to have friends without a mask. Though you can start mingling with other students by providing help, asking for help, and discussing concepts and topics.

3. How To Plan Revision

End moment revision is nothing more than a false satisfaction. Instead, plan to start early when the course begins.

Solution: you can plan revision in multiple ways: 

  • Plan weekly: plan one material at a time for each subject. You will not get bored with one subject and have all subjects in mind. 

  • Plan fortnightly: plan a revision after every 14 days or on the 15th day. Here you can revise the previous week’s material.

  • Plan monthly: all 4 weeks material in 2 or 3 days.

4. Lagging In Class

If you are a late admission or you are lagging in the class. It’s fine, you can still cover it up. 

Solution: Read in the course 3-4 times and observe what are the important chapters. In addition to that, list down the basic concepts and read and revise them first. You can also try reading the summary and going into detail with topics you have difficulty understanding.

5. Drawing A Realistic Plan

By far, the most common challenges are concerned, this is the biggest challenge students face. Students often draw a plan that may cover everything but are difficult to cope with.  

Solution: Before you start, you need to understand what your capacity is. How much can you do in a day that you don’t exhaust? 

Once you answer these questions, you can draw a realistic plan. Further, if you spend 80% of your time according to your plan, you are on the right track. Ensure it is a productive investment, just sitting for hours and looking at books won’t help. 

6. Health Issues

Not only students but even professionals also suffer the same issue. They are so much involved with their studies and jobs that they forget to treat their body rightly.

Solution: you can try the tips mentioned here:

  • Be an early riser. 

  • Go on a walk and do some exercise like stretching.

  • Have healthy drinks like juice and milk and avoid caffeine every day. 

  • Consume seasonal fruits and avoid overeating. But do not miss out on breakfast and lunch. You can have a light dinner.

  • Most importantly, get enough sleep. Avoid gadgets at least 2-3 hrs before you go to bed.

7. Lacking Mental And Emotional Support

Students who live far from their families or with them lack mental and emotional support. And when living with them, they hesitate or feel ashamed of sharing their feelings. 

Solution: whenever you feel uneasy or anxious or feel depressed and stressed, talk to someone, your close friend, parents, sibling, or anyone you trust. Sharing helps reduce stress and sometimes offers solutions to problems when discussed. You can also consult with counselors if you still hesitate to share with your family.

8. Time Management

Time management is the backbone of success in every field. If you are managed, you are doing right. If you feel overwhelmed, burdened with your work, or don’t get time for yourself, you need to look after your management skills.

Solution: here are the tips you can follow to manage your time effectively –

  • Organize your stuff like clothes, books, and other things so you can get them from the right place without wasting much time on finding them.

  • As soon as you come back from school or college, have a glance at today’s homework. You can start immediately or can take a rest for 30 minutes to freshen up.

  • Do not procrastinate on your work late at night when you have time in the day. Because you may plan to go out or have to be involved in some other work leaving no choice.

  • When you have spare time, you can look after your room and filter out to create some space.

9. Lacking Right Sources For Studying

Apart from books, studies have to do assignments and projects. For such other tasks, they need reliable sources and up-to-date information. 

Solution: In that case, you can ask your teachers to recommend some reliable and helpful sources. Further, you can take help from online assignments and homework services. They assist students with their specific subjects and provide professionals’ guidance as well. 

10. Worrying About Debts

Research revealed that about half of the college students do part-time jobs to support their studies. While those who don’t are worried about not saving enough of what they have. This is reasonable and so have solutions as well. 

Solution: You can apply these tips to handle your debts and budget: 

  • Do not spend more than you have.

  • Prioritize your needs and note them down in a diary.

  • Avoid using credit cards and borrowing money.

  • Save some bucks every week or month for rainy days. 

  • If you have a hobby that pays, uses it.

While saving money, make sure you don’t ignore your health. It’s important to stay healthy to study well.

Read here, to make your education more interesting

Wrapping Up: 

The journey from student to adult is a thrilling one. Student life is the golden era for you to explore yourself and your abilities with facing all study challenges. With best wishes, we hope this post has helped you understand the challenges and solutions. You can also share it with your friends or siblings facing the same issues.

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