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Top 10 automobile companies of Ireland in 2021

The automobile industry in Ireland is booming with possibilities. Even a good many companies are forming their showrooms and manufacturing houses in Ireland. Being a small island, it has become a house for top cars manufacturing companies like Fiat, Renaults, and Ford.

The number of imported cars is increasing day by day. In such a situation when people used to wait long for imported cars, Irish people hardly wait for getting their dream car. The only reason behind it, top car manufacturing companies have opened their showrooms here.

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Top 9 automobile companies of Ireland in 2021

Certainly, if you are about to purchase your dream car, you must be thinking about buying something branded. So, do not confuse which one to choose after knowing well about the available brands in your country select one.

Here is a list of the top 10 automobile companies that manufacture extraordinary cars. Surely, you will love to have a ride on any one of them.

  1. BMW

  • Starting price: 10897.31 Pounds
  • About the company: This company, BMW, generally manufactures luxurious cars. However, being a German company, it has lots of manufacturing houses all over the western Union. Apart from cars, it also manufactures different types of two-wheelers. Some of the popular models of cars of BMW include Land Rover, Austin, Morris, etc. Due to its high-capacity engine, the car manufactured by the BMW company runs faster.


  1. Ford


  • Starting Price: 68,987Pounds
  • About the company: The name of this car manufacturing entity was formed on Henry Ford. In previous times, Ford has worked together with Jaguar, Land Rover, etc. it was also part of Volvo until 2010. After manufacturing the car, named, Mustang, the company earned huge popularity. Apart from manufacturing cars, it also manufactures trucks, buses, tractors, etc.


  1. Mercedes Benz


  • Starting Price: 198174 Pounds
  • About the company: Unlike BMW, this Mercedes also manufactures super luxurious cars. Besides, the speed of these cars is also similar to BMW and any other high-speed car. This company manufactures most of the formula one cars. Nowadays, by thinking about the green ambiance of our mother earth, it is walking towards the manufacturing of electric cars.


  1. Audi


  • Starting Price: 98745 Pounds
  • About the Company: This car manufacturing company Audi, has its worldwide automobile houses. It is a public limited company which has lots of showrooms, and the cars have great demand. The engine of this car can run at super-speed and also offers easeful long drive. Therefore, if you want super speed and luxury simultaneously, you must select Audi.


  1. Volkswagen


  • Staring Price: 45789 Pounds
  • About the Company: Nowadays, Volkswagen is competing with car manufacturers like Audi, SEAT, Bugatti, and Lamborghini. If you want to buy a car that offers ease of driving with minimum speed then it is better to select Volkswagen. Some of the top models of this company are, Polo, Jetta, Sirocco, etc. The special engine of these cars never fails to offer high-quality engines which offers low fuel consumption.


  1. Jaguar Land Rover


  • Starting Price: 69,789 Pounds
  • About the company: Jaguar is such a company which produces eye-catching designs of the car. Besides, the logo of the company offers the looks and feel of cars. Electric engines and high speed attract the attention of every car seeker. Apart from the look, Land Rover cars are mostly famous for minimum accidental cases. So, people who want to buy a car that offers a safe ride then go for this company.


  1. Nissan

  • Starting Price: 78,985 Pounds
  • About the company: Nissan is basically a Japanese company which offers mesmerising cars. After struggling due to financial problems, the company tied up with Renault. With the joint venture, Renault-Nissan, the car manufacturing company, has started to bring out different types of vehicles. Apart from cars, this company is now also manufacturing sport vehicles.


  1. General Motors


  • Starting Price: 58,897 Pounds
  • About the Company: General Motors, which is popularly known as GM, is one of the renowned brands in the automobile industry. It has several showrooms all over the Western Union. Basically, this company has a good many contributions in manufacturing cars, in an earth-friendly way. General Motors manufacture most of the racing cars, so you can understand how much speedy engine it usually offers. Its hydrogen fuel-friendly engines are completely eco-friendly.


  1. Toyota


  • Starting Price: 49,893 Pounds
  • About the company: Being also a Japanese company, this car manufacturing entity has become very popular due to its attractive model and long service. Generally, the manufactured cars offer high mobility and run for a long mileage without any problem. Besides, the cozy interior, expanded legs space, headspace, and airbags offer an accident-free ambiance. At the same time, these car manufacturers offer high speed and luxury.

It is not difficult to say that, and now you have gained knowledge of what company offers which type of car. So, arrange for car finance by applying for an auto loan to any of the direct lenders and have your dream car.

How much tax do you need to pay for the car in Ireland?

If you are thinking about buying a car but worrying about motor tax, we are here to solve your problem. After buying a car in your own name, you need to pay motor tax to the Government. However, the amount of tax is not at all very high.

Rather, the tax amount revolves around 120 Pounds to 2,350 Pounds. However, the amount depends upon the carbon-emission level of the car. If you have a motorcycle, then you need to pay only 26 Pounds per year. There are three slabs to pay such motor tax. You may choose as per your wish. You can pay the tax quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

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