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Things To Know Before Eyelash Extensions

They are one of the most demanded treatments, but their placement to their maintenance will depend not only on their duration but also on the health of your eyes. Eyelash extensions never go out of style. But when placing the Best Eyelash Extension in Dubai, you must consider that they need special care. You should also know certain things before putting on false eyelashes or taking them off. Before acquiring eyelash extensions or going to the beauty salon to put them on, it is convenient to know specific tips to get the most out of them.

What should I know about eyelash extensions?

There are synthetic silk and mink lashes. They have seduced celebrities, royalty and ordinary people. Its superpower is very simple: get lush eyelashes for several weeks, giving a well-deserved vacation to the mascara. After the 2020 confinement, eyelash extensions were the most silent treatment in beauty salons, just proof of their success that boils down to either you’ve tried them, or you’ve ever considered wearing them.

Things To Know Before Eyelash Extension

We have become accustomed to seeing people with dense, dark and long, very long eyelashes, normalizing the drama of looks, in such a way that now mascaras with superpowers, growth serums, or false Eyelashes Extension Dubai have been relegated to the background. They last up to 3 weeks, are not uncomfortable, and make eye makeup optional because what will dress the look with lush lashes from the moment we wake up until we go to bed. However, there are contraindications, or rather prohibitions, when wearing eyelash extensions: no eyeliner, no application of mascara or use of oil-rich makeup removers, as explained by experts from Sundara, centres specializing in their application. The hangover from the Oscars has given us a glimpse of what is coming in the world of beauty, which is nothing more than the continued dominance of eyelashes; the bigger and more striking, the better. The stylistically most affordable option of spider lashes seen on the red carpet is lash extensions Dubai, but in this quest for the even bigger one, you can run into health risks for your skin, eyes, and lashes.

 We will give you some tips to avoid inevitable mistakes that are made in eyelash extension services.

  • Removing makeup and applying primer are mandatory steps
  • Patch or tape? What to choose
  • Work with the right thickness for the natural lash
  • Types of glue
  • Placement of the extensions

How long are the lashes?

It depends at the beginning of the protocol; it is determined what will place it more at the end than inside. What amount will be necessary according to the particular case if it will be better to cover the entire eyelid? That is, each person has unique features, and You need tailor-made advice.

 How long does it take to finish the whole process?

An hour and a half, more or less. A single extension should be applied per lash at a distance of 0.5 to 1 millimeter from the natural one.

How long do lash extensions last?

In specialized centres, such as Sundara beauty salons, they recommend continually retouching them every three weeks to keep them perfect. This time depends on how long it takes your lashes to grow and how many fall out over the days, but a normal cycle usually lasts a little less than a month.

How are the extensions cared for pros and cons? The most important thing is to keep any oil-based or waterproof

Products well away from your beauty kit: this includes liquid eye shadows, mascaras that contain this ingredient and, of course, makeup removers. Choose cosmetics that substitute oil for water. Any last-minute advice? Try not to run your entire lash line with your liquid eyeliner, and you can always start at the outer end, so you don’t have to banish the corner of your eye looks.

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