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Things To Consider Before Purchasing An Air Conditioner?

The cost of an AC starts falling from August onwards because this is a good time to purchase a suitable one according to your needs. A wide variety of Air conditioners are available in the market with different specifications, so choosing a suitable AC model for your home is difficult.

You must choose an AC at the right price which can offer the perfect cooling that depends on the size of your room and the climate at your place. This blog will help you choose the cheapest AC for your home and prepare to face the summer heat with the right AC installation.

The heat started rising, and it was a matter of time people turned to the air conditioners to get relief from the heat. It’s time when many people are looking to purchase a new AC due to scratching heat all over. There are many doubts and questions in people’s minds before buying an AC, as you have a few important things to consider making it worth your purchase.

Select the Air conditioner Based On the Room Size

Air conditioner capacity should depend on the size of the room dimensions. If you wish to buy an air conditioner for a 100-120 sq. ft. room, 1 Ton AC is enough for maximum cooling. For more than 200 sq. ft. room, go for a higher capacity Air conditioner like 1.5 Ton or 2 Ton to get the desired cooling. The Air conditioner’s capacity should be considered while buying an air conditioner.

Select The AC Models Capacity According To The Floor, Sun Facing, And Various Factors

The choice of AC capacity depends on the floor and the amount of sunlight that comes into your room. If you live on the top floors of a building, you have to make sure to purchase a large capacity AC by at least 1.5 Ton for effective cooling. Make sure your AC should have good dehumidification to reduce the humidity in the room offers increased cooling and adequate comfort. An air conditioner with a good dehumidifier can better cooling and comfort during the rainy season. Another thing to look out for in an AC is a good filter that gives efficient cooling and enhances the efficiency of the Air Conditioner.

Split/Window: Select Based On Your Room Type and Other needs

Window or split ACs are equally effective as price and features are major differences. Windows ACs are considered affordable and provide relatively limited features because the Split ACs are a little costly with so many features like sleep mode, turbo cooling, etc. Split ACs can be installed in any room, but in the case of windows AC, you must have an adequate-sized window that matches the dimensions of the Air conditioner. Window AC devices are cheaper but not as quiet or visually pleasing as split air conditioners. Split Air conditioner delivers better air distribution, but window units are easier to install.

Due to all these reasons, you must select the right AC model depending on your needs and budget. The modern Air /conditioner has auto climate sensing mode, auto fan-speed controller, auto power-saving, and auto restart mode that can work in temperatures up to 52 degrees Celsius.

BEE Star Rating: Choose the One That Offers More Energy Efficiency

You will find AC in various budgets, and the one which is 5 star in rating will often be costly compare to other ones. High-star rated ACs are energy efficient and prove best in the long run; they also light on the pocket and lower bills. So you have to make sure to go for 4 or 5 stars ACs. Try to choose at least three stars rating to make it value money buy.

With the rising cost of electricity, owning an Air conditioner that can offer the best cooling while consuming negligible power is suggested. The greater the BEE star rating, an AC is more energy-efficient, and it consumes less electricity than it will consume normally. Five stars split AC is known as a budget-friendly and energy-efficient Air conditioner. So, be conscious about the required features of an air conditioner when purchasing an AC.

To avoid paying more electricity bills, it is good to go with inverted AC that offers constant cooling at a significant price. Purchasing an inverter AC is a more useful idea as it helps to reduce power consumption and increase efficiency. You can also take proper are of AC service Gurgaon.

Go for An Air Conditioner with Additional Air Filter

Modern AC devices come with extra air filters for odor removal, anti-bacterial filters, and more as per usage. The cost of these filters is additional, but this is worth its cost. AC with an adjustable thermostat, two fans, and variable speed motor will help you get cooling modes at different times of the day.  Different settings can give you efficient cooling while saving more energy as it comes with an advanced cooling option and variable fan speed that takes no time to cool the room. The noise level is also less in the new devices because it has an auto-clean feature to save time and money.

Other Features: Auto-Clean Mode And Sleep Timer

AC manufacturers try to include as many Air Conditioners as possible to make it multipurpose as auto clean, sleep mode, etc. You can choose your required features depending on your requirement and budget.

Various Factors That Affect the AC Purchase

Choosing an Air conditioner that runs quietly and smoothly without noise is important. Typically, After an AC Service should not give the sound more than 60 decibels when running. An auto-restart and sleep mode are also useful in an AC that saves energy for sure; when the AC switches on, the initial setting starts working after the power supply starts. When it comes to good sleep at night, the sleep mode is useful because it self-adjusts the cooling automatically. It can save energy, but it also ensures that the temperature in your room doesn’t get too low, which can make your sleep uncomfortable.


Buying the right Air conditioner model can be a very difficult task, considering all the factors. This will make it suitable for money purchase and lower after-installation troubles. So, you must do proper market research before buying an air conditioner for your home and other purposes.

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