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The Top 5 Issues That Enterprise Mobile App Developers Face

A revolution in enterprise needs and difficulties has occurred in tandem with the broader upheaval in software development. Client-enterprise interactions have shifted from desktop to mobile devices, resulting in an undeniable surge in the demand for enterprise-ready mobile apps.

However, creating well-designed and effective enterprise mobile apps is a difficult undertaking. We’ll talk about how mobile app development company can better adapt to the changing and demanding needs of businesses.

  1. Fragmentation of Devices and Operating Systems

In today’s industry, there is a lot of fragmentation in terms of devices and operating systems. Your first hurdle as an enterprise mobile app developer is deciding between the three most prevalent platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows) when developing an app for a customer… who, in turn, needs to reach their own clients.

As a developer, you obviously want to create an app that has configurations and capabilities that are compatible with the suppliers you’re working with. On the other hand, you must consider your client’s requirements.

They aim to use the app not only to reach out to their clients, but also to profit from it… It’s not enough to think about the app’s technical compatibility; you also need to know your company’s target clients’ preferences.

2. Development Technology

There are two main forms of mobile app development:

1) The creation of native apps, and

2) Hybrid app creation.

Native apps are designed specifically for a platform (such as Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry). Native apps, as opposed to web apps, provide a better user experience and application performance since they are designed, developed, and run within an operating system.

What is the most significant disadvantage of native apps? You must create apps for each platform, which takes time and is not particularly cost effective.

Hybrid mobile apps are often built using HTML5 and may be installed on any mobile device, but they are only accessible through a web browser. The Hybrid mobile app development cuts down on the time it takes to develop and promote apps for various platforms.

Hybrid apps, on the other hand, can lag in terms of performance, and you may have to forego some critical functionality.

When deciding on the best solution for you, keep in mind that making the wrong decision could result in bad app performance, a poor user experience, and/or unnecessary costs.

As a result, it’s critical to comprehend the client’s target audience as well as their preferred mobile vendors (as well as any third party vendors in the mix). You’ll have a better understanding of the development technique to use as a result of this.

3. Interactivity and user experience

UI-UX Designing is the key problem for mobile app developers for obvious reasons. Your first task is to provide the finest possible service to your customers. But there’s also the issue of clients’ fickleness when it comes to mobile app functionality, as well as their ever-changing aesthetic tastes.

Another barrier for you as a business app developer is the variety of platforms available, which varies depending on screen sizes, resolutions, and technologies.

Failure to consider any of these factors could result in an unintuitive and inconvenient client experience, which could lead to low market acceptance. To overcome this obstacle, you’ll need to consider varied OS needs, repair problems frequently, and make your app more intuitive by using icons and overriding hardware buttons (such “home” or “menu”). Make your software cross-platform compatible and include more interactive features like shaking, tilting, and flipping.

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4 .Content management and security

The demand for mobile app content is always expanding and becoming more dynamic. Images, video, and animation, in addition to text, are in high demand in App content.  In compiling all of these into monolithic expansion files the difficulty arises, which are required by some app shops.

There are a variety of mobile content management options available, so try out a couple. Security for such content is another key problem for enterprise developers, in addition to content management.

The ability to access app content usually comes with a plethora of benefits for both businesses and their customers. However, the possibilities also bring with them a danger of data misuse. This is why some businesses deploy mobile device control solutions to shut down their apps.  It causes a terrible customer experience if it is not used correctly. Employees, on the other hand, detest having too much control over workplace networks and their own devices.

You can see where the issue is.

To address these security concerns, as an enterprise mobile app developer, you should strive to include suitable authentication plans. Additionally, server-side validation and encryption of critical data in your app may be considered. It’s critical that your security is adaptable and distinct enough from one company to the next. For example, the amount of security and authentication required by a banking app differs significantly from that required by an online display shop.

5. Battery life vs. application performance

One of the challenges for enterprise mobile app developers is ensuring that the app works properly. Aside from performance, the app should be free of bugs and run on minimal battery usage. It’s also possible that the app functions properly on newer devices but not so well on older versions.

When strong performance isn’t assured with minimal battery usage, clients will typically download the app but then delete it since they want their devices to stay charged for the entire day.

The development team must be involved in the prototype process to avoid this. To avoid any performance issues in the final version, set up a better version to run test scenarios with test users.

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