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The Sri Lanka visa requirements

Srilankan visa requirements are quite simple and easy, you can get the  ETA for Sri Lanka by fast processing of the visa. The Visas Sri Lanka is divided into three main categories. Visa for the Business trip. Visa for Tourism purpose, and Transit visas for Transit purposes. You can apply for travel to Sri Lankan visas before traveling to Srilanka. The ETA packages perhaps are submitted earlier than your departure. 

The Srilankan visa requirements involve to sub li the fee as the whole process starts after the submission of your visa fees. The urgent app can be full in only 23 minutes. Which is quite a fast time for the  ETA for Sri Lanka. The Srilanka visa authorities are performing quite well and they are trying to provide the best of eh the visa retrieval policies. All the procedures have made it faster for more and more travelers to the country.

In this article, we are discussing the basic  Srilankan visa requirements and their validity:

The requirement for the Visas Sri Lanka: 

The Srilankan visa requirements. Are completely at the time of its retrieval. You just need to submit the fee and the following documents:

A Passport:

A valid passport with 6 months remaining in its expiry should be submitted to the Sri Lanka visa authority. Visas to Sri Lanka are provided online. It is necessary to keep your passport along with yourself during your stay in the country. To avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.

A Flight Ticket For Return or Transit: You need to submit the return ticket or a transit ticket according to the plane before getting your ETA for Sri Lanka. If you want to prolong your stay by more than 30 days in the country then you need to submit it to the Srilankan embassy.

The financial means: You need to submit the financial means by which you are staying in the country. It can be an attested Bank statement or Bank Letter of you concerning the Bank. The sufficient fund availability proof should be provided by the applicant to the Visa authorities. It is Srilankan visa requirements.

The concerned type of Visas Sri Lanka:  There are different documents required for each category of the visa. The Business Visa and Study Srilankan visa requirements are specific according to their necessity. The documents should be different according to the various types. We are just providing the information on the general visa requirement.

Validity of Visas Sri Lanka: The validity period of the  ETA for Sri Lanka is for 30 days. When you submit your ETA applications. A ticket to Srilanka is not compulsory. You need to submit the return ticket. These are  Srilankan visa requirements. So book the return ticket and submit it at the time of processing. You can extend your ETA for Sri Lanka. It has a different procedure. The extension is provided approved. The requirement for the overstay. It is better to plan your stay in the country as it can be difficult to change the trip planning at the last moment.

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