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The Latest Jobs in Search Marketing

If you are an entrepreneur/business owner and looking for the Best SEO Company in Delhi, you can contact Webpulse Solution through its mail. It’s a fascinating as well as career that has seen consecutive growth in all these years and coming future this field’s demand is never going to see a decline in the graph.

What Digital Marketing Comprises?

Digital marketing is itself a vast terminology to understood. It includes various branches of marketing that have to comprehended and experienced. Things that included in Digital Marketing are SEO Services, promotional services, Social media marketing and many other services. Several Delhiites know about Webpulse and contact us in case they are looking for an experienced SEO company.  

Coming on to its categorization Webpulse provides various services that come under the digital marketing section. They are as follows:

(i) SEO Services:  

SEO services are provided here according to the 4 packages which are SEO10 (Basic SEO), SEO20 (Standard SEO), SEO30 (Star) and SEO40 (leader).  There are many opportunities available for people who are thinking of pursuing a career in search marketing. Recently we have seen a rise in this market due to which many unemployed people and even employed people are abandoning their job just to enter into this Digital Marketing career. 

(ii) Local SEO Services: 

It’s almost the same as an SEO service just the difference here is that we promote your website and business instead of going global. Only at web pulse, you would find such bargainous prices and the best SEO Experts in Delhi in comparison to all other service providers. 

Whether it’s a small business owner or a big company everyone is provided with the service they would need and according to that service rates are decided.

(iii) Social Media Marketing: 

It’s a different way of promotion in which social media platforms are used. Webpulse Solution delivers services like blogging Social media marketing, Content posting on social networks, Video and photo sharing, Commenting, Posting in Discussion Forums,  Creation of Social networking profiles,  Content sharing and Bookmarking.

(iv) Social Media Management:

 In this, a group audience is targeted and through various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and google, creative content is shared with them. We provide 4 SMM packages that are SMM10 (Basic SMM), SMM20 (Standard SMM), SMM 30 (Growth SMM) and the last is SMM40 (Leadership SMM).

(v) Content Marketing Services

Webpulse Solution is not just a Web Designing Company but we also excel at providing quality content. Our team is an expert at writing great content that can attract an audience to your page. Things that are added in CMS are Blog Writing & Marketing, SEO Article Writing & Submission, Video Content Marketing, Infographics, Website Content, Social Media Content, Press Release Distribution, PDF & PPT Distribution etc.

(vi) Youtube Video Promotion:

 We also promote video sites like youtube, Vimeo etc. Now coming on to how we do it goes like this, we link the website with a video related to the content, using keywords to optimize, and the image sideshow is also added up.

(vii) E-Mail marketing services:

 E-mail marketing still considered to be the no. 1 choice by all companies in comparison to all other messaging apps. Email marketing is of 3 types: 

  1. Transactional Email Marketing- invoice and transaction history and other important information is sent to the clients/customers.
  2. Newsletter- We Inform your customers about new offers and schemes so that they are updated about your business.
  3. Bulk Email Marketing- In this kind of marketing we promote your business or services in a particular industry.

(viii) SMS Marketing Services:

This type of marketing is the most effective and the cheapest one in all. This bulk SMS help you increase your sales and brand awareness. The SMS marketing service has 3 types : 

  1.  Transactional SMS:

 We Inform customers by messaging them about transactions like orders received, updates about order status, delivery status, OTP, Passwords etc. we provide Bulk Transactional SMS at cheap prices in India.

  1. Promotional SMS: Our company send bulk SMS to promote your brand, products or services. We offer bulk promotional SMS at a very low price. Contact us for more details.
  2. Transactional SMS API: Your company may need SMS API integration in your website or Mobile Application to generate SMS Alerts like OTP, Passwords, and Order updates. We sell Transactional Bulk SMS Packages with API. If you want us to integrate it into your website or app, we can do that as well with 

additional cost.

(ix) Google Map Promotion: 

Webpulse Solution also promotes businesses through Google Maps. We help local businesses by driving local traffic into their business or page.

Our role here will be to use local SEO to bring your page to top searches so that more customers click on your website which will ultimately increase your istanbul escort business.

How do we update or promote your business:

  1. We link your website with map listings.
  2. We update important information like opening hours, prices and reviews.
  3. Answer their queries and keep them updated about your business.
  4. A record is kept of visitors coming through the google my business listing.
  5. Webpulse Solution provides you with tips that how you can increase google Maps reviews.
  6. We are available 24×7 so that customers can get quick replies instead of late revert.

(x) Google Adwords PPC Management : 

What does a customer expect when he invests in any product or service? That he gets full value for the amount he paid. We understand this and that’s why web pulse launched this scheme of pay when clicked which may satisfy the customer. In simple words, you only need to pay when a customer clicks and visits your website. 

Our PPC expert who has several years of experience in this field prepares an advertisement according to your target location, product keywords, and daily and monthly budget. Other than this our PPC professionals make landing page designing, call extensions and map extensions and also different ad groups for different keywords.

(xi) Facebook Advertising :

Nowadays everyone uses social media platforms and most people prefer Facebook. Because of this Webpulse Solution provides promotional services through the Facebook app. On Facebook, you can target customers according to your preference be it age, gender, or type of user. Other activities we do to grow your business is :

  1. Boost your post on Facebook 
  2. Connect with people or Generate Likes on your Facebook Page
  3. Our Company Advertise your website to get clicks/visitors
  4. We play Multi-Product Ads on your website
  5. We recreate Offer Ads, Video Ads and Lead Ads

(xii) SEO-based Content Writing : 

Our team at web pulse who writes content educated as well as experienced in their field. The most important thing that makes us stand apart from others is our uniqueness in content. The originality you will find in our content will make customers visit your website. The team of Webpulse Solution succeeds to maintain both things i.e. the quality and use of trending keywords based on SEO content which makes your website rank high in the list.

Why Us:

If the above introduction to the company does not make you fully satisfied, then surely our accomplishments will make you choose us.

Established in 2011, it has been a decade since this company started and now with its dedication WebPulse is touching the sky with its uncomparable work. In this span of 10 years, we have served 100+ industries and accomplished 5000+ projects. According to our collected data, we have 90 per cent of client retention which you won’t find in my big companies that is what makes us different from our other competitors and it’s your support that made us what we are today. 

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