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The hookah smoking tobacco experience

A hookah is basically a water pipe for the purpose of smoking tobacco. It often emits cold water smoke from pipes with two or more flexible stalks made of glass. It originated in India many centuries ago and moved from there to the Middle East. Although tobacco was the main substance burned in hookah, others were also used.

Some of these, among others, contained illicit substances, such as marijuana or opium, and this made hookah infamous in Western culture. In recent years, hookah has made some progress in overcoming this bad reputation. One of the attractions of hookah smoking in the past was the relaxation of the activity and the simulated conversation.

The online market has allowed skull hookah to be bought in large quantities, and merchants usually sell a variety of flavored and low-nicotine tobacco. The action of water inside the pipe further reduces nicotine levels and results in the experience of smoking which is ultimately less expensive and much less messy than sharing it with a couple of Marlboros. If a couple is a smoker, it’s easy to imagine a hookah on the coffee table at a movie or private evening of preservation.

Mini cheap shisha pumpkin silicone hookah

Material: silicone

Color: red,green,blue,yellow,black

Height: 24cm

Weight: 0.3kg

Package: plastic box

Logo: accept customized logo

Place Of Origin: Guangzhou, China

Payment Terms: TT,L/C,west union,paypal

Trade Terms:   FOB,CFR,CIF

MOQ: 500pcs

Lead Time: 25-30 working days

Package Size: 56*45*54/40pcs

The hookah smoking tobacco experience
The hookah smoking tobacco experience

Product Description

This is a silicone mini cheap glass, only for single hose use, it is very light, can be kept anywhere, and can be taken out for travel. We have mixed colors for you. If you want other colors, we can make them for you. Especially suitable for gifts for friends and family!

WY-zg113 Pumpkin Glass

This is a single silicone hose. It has a silicone sealing system, which can be easily combined with a silicone bottle. Smoke is coming out of the black metal hole in the silicon. The charcoal holder is stainless steel material, while the tobacco bowl is earthen. The base is not glass but acrylic. Glass with a cloth bag, when you go out, just carry it! The whole set of equipment can give you a beautiful day!

This is exactly the thinking of some enterprising businessmen who have started opening hookah bars across the country. These will be regular bars except for a hookah in the middle of each table. That large selection of aromatic tobacco will be available to buy with your drink. Hookah smoking expects to have a calming effect on patrons, speak well and increase entertainment. A hookah cafe may be similar but will probably serve food and coffee with tobacco instead of alcohol. Whichever method is best for you, a trip to a hookah smoking establishment will create a fancy and very interesting group activity.

Explore durable, visually appealing, and huge collections of acrylic. Glass shisha pipe for the most affordable price and a huge deal. This is aesthetically appealing and trendy. Glass pipes are ideal for any party or event and are very durable in nature. This is great. Glass is environmentally friendly and ideal for people of all ages, young and old alike.

This is impeccable and sturdy

Glass pipes make with distinctive durable materials such as glass, acrylic, and hard plastic. These materials help long-lasting products and are resistant to all kinds of effects. These hooking shishas or. Glass sheath pipes do not involve the use of any toxic chemicals so it is healthy to use for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned or a smoker. Glass pipes are ideal for everyone.

You can find something different. Glass pipes have their size, shape, materials, features, and design that will attract your attention. These are nice. A glass pipe is a trendy product made of acrylic which is also decorated in an LED light affixed version for trendy parties. These. Glass pipes are available in both flavored and non-odor versions and the smoke goes through the water before inhalation which does not ensure any harmful effects on your health.

Helps you find many unique ones. The range of glass pipes that can save money. These products are available as OEM orders and in bulk orders with customized packaging. These products are ISO, CE certified for quality.

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