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The Future of Wireless Gas Detection Devices

A wireless gas detection system detects the availability of toxic gases in the system. It identifies the leakage that may lead to hazardous accidents. In addition, it halts the industrial activities when leakage is detected. These systems also maintain the real-time safety of workers and other connected members. 

The Early Method

The demand for gas detection is nothing new. Earlier, industrial workers used innovative ways to acknowledge the leak and other hazards. The evolution is now leading to the use of wireless gas detectors. 

It all began back in the 19th century. A person wore a wet blanket and held a lit wick to test the gas leakage. 

The chosen person had to move across the walls to detect the pocket of methane gas. 

The availability of methane would ignite the wick. In addition, the wet blanket would keep the person warm. 

Future Projections

Safety has always been a major concern for industries. Chemical, petroleum, metal, and power generation industries use various safety equipment to ensure the safety of workers. 

According to Astute Analytica, the global wireless gas detection market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~5% during the forecast period from 2020-2025.

Growing Disasters

Growing accidents and stringent government regulations will increase the demand for wireless gas detectors. 

Chernobyl disaster and Bhopal gas tragedy have made headlines in the past. As a result of these incidences, governments have introduced safety guidelines to ensure the safety of the workers.  

The Advent of New Technologies

The mismanagement of industrial chemicals can cause spills and leaks. Thus, it can be hazardous for the employees and other workers. 

The new technologies allow alarm service and GPS signal applications to the consumer. Thus, they can alert people before the incident occurs. In addition, these technologies also perform fence line monitoring and plant shutdown.

The Innovations in the Market

Companies are thriving to introduce efficient ways to avoid hazards. Honeywell International, DRÄGERWERK, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, MSA Safety, Agilent Technologies, Teledyne Gas, and Flame Detection are some of the thriving players launching the best solutions in the market.

Bluetooth -Enabled Gas Detectors

The introduction of Bluetooth-enabled gas detectors has been another factor leading to the market growth. Automation has raised the possibilities for prominent innovations. 

Honeywell International is a leading firm in the global gas detection market. The company recently introduced the Sensepoint XRL detector. Additionally, it is smartphone compatible.

The Introduction of a 4-gas detector

The MicroRae Wireless 4 Gas Detector is another leading innovation in the market. The device offers GPS, Bluetooth & WiFi-enabled services that reduce the risk of leaks. 

The MicroRae four gas portable detector offers user-friendly services. In addition, the device detects the presence of hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, and combustibles (LEL) or HCN.

Acquisition and Partnerships

Drägerwerk acquired GasSecure AS (Norway) in 2015 to expand its research and development operations. The company has expanded its services across various regions, including Germany, the UK, Sweden, etc.  

The partnerships are forecast to change the landscape of the gas detection industry in the near future. 

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