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TEC Certification Mistakes that you should try to prevent

TEC Certification is the permission to import certain types of telecom products in India. Its process consists of several steps and at every one of them, you have the potential to make many mistakes. When that happens, a process that should take nothing more than a few days usually end up taking months.

As time is of the essence for a process of TEC registration, here are the TEC certification mistakes you should try to prevent

Not testing the product at a lab beforehand

There are three regulatory parameters that the Telecommunication Engineering Centres tests your telecom products for:

  1. Safety
  2. Frequency, and
  3. Connectivity

Meeting the safety parameter makes the product usable by the masses, living up to the frequency requirements makes the product more reliable and if there are no connectivity issues in the product, it keeps the national security of India intact. Now, I know that the consequences of some of the tests mentioned here are a tad bit overdramatic, but they are nonetheless important.

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Thus, you need to test the product before you start the TEC Certification process. If you don’t, the government assumes that you haven’t taken care of the due diligence to ensure the regulatory compliance of the telecom product. As a consequence, your application faces rejection.

Entering the wrong details in the application form

Needless to say, the Department of Telecommunication doesn’t tolerate any mistake in the application form. When it comes to TEC certificate process, the application form entails many details. Many of them can be too complicated to comprehend. However, difficulty can’t be used as an excuse to enter the wrong details in the application form.

You need to be meticulous when filling the form. Once you’re done, the official TEC portal gives you a chance to preview it. Do so and only if you’re absolutely sure that you’ve entered the correct details, should you submit the application form.

If you don’t and the application form faces objection, it takes a long time to get the procedure back on track. It’s especially the case when you don’t have TEC consultant to aid you.

Not providing the physical copies of the document

After filing the online application, it’s easy to feel exhausted and forget about submitting the physical copies of the documents and the application form to the TEC.

But you shouldn’t. The online procedure merely informs the TEC existence of an applicant of the TEC certificate. It’s the offline documents that helps them assess you as an applicant. You also need to make sure that the documents you’re submitting have been properly signed and certified by the proper authorities.

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Being impatient about the procedure

It’s important for you to understand that the governments works at its own pace. You can try your hardest to expedite the process, and  grease as many palms as you can. However, at the end of the day, you need to accept the fact that there are many applicants looking for the same certification as you.

Any attempt to force your application through can be seen as violation of rights of other applicant. In such instances, rejection of the application is one of the most lenient penalties you might have to face.

Thus, it’s important to wait once the application have been submitted. That being said, there is a legal way that you can use to expedite the process. Use the aid of TEC consultants. They are a team of experts like Company Secretaries, chartered accountants and telecom experts. They can take the legal route to expedite the TEC certification process.


TEC certification is a complicated process that includes many multi-faceted steps. To ensure success, you need to precisely take every step and don’t try to rush the process by using dubious means.

If you carefully fill the application form, and take care of all the little nuances that might occur during the procedure, you will get the TEC certification in due time. If you’re impatient and want the certification as soon as possible, consult with TEC consultants.

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Here are the TEC certification mistakes that you should try to prevent. Preventing these mistakes is all that remains between you and your TEC certificate to import telecom equipment in India.

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