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Take Advantage Of The Weekend To Prepare Your Breakfast

Take Advantage Of The Weekend To Prepare Your Breakfast For The Rest Of The Week.

Put your weekends to good use. Take advantage of the weekend to prepare your breakfast for the rest of thePut your weekends to good use week. Put your weekends to good use We will save time during the week Put your weekends to good use.  you can use the time freed up at noon to play with your little one or cuddle before returning to workweekends.  T can also take advantage of the weekend to find ideas for children’s activities and prepare them. Put your weekends to good use.

Don’t get sidetracked.

Your kids are already enough of a distraction like this. If you can, lock herself in a quiet leeway and avoid procrastinating on social media, for example. For example, you can install applications on your phone that prevent you from visiting Facebook or Twitter during office hours. You can also plan for half an hour of tidying up or chores a day to avoid constantly having to get up to go and tidy up such and such a thing.
Be realistic. You will need to be compliant and creative in working with the children around you. It’s normal not to be able to do everything perfectly. Try to be a productive and efficient person in your work, that will already be a lot!

Take breaks if you can.

Time spent relaxing or taking your mind off things is as important as staying focused on work. You may chat with colleagues or go for a coffee in the office, but it is not the same at home. In general, 25-minute periods of concentration on a task are recommended, alternating with a 5-minute break. Does a 25-minute period seem a bit tight? Double the working time to 50 minutes, with a 10-minute break. Watch half of a series episode, take a shower, take a quick walk outside, and then get back to work.
However, things don’t go quite the same way depending on your child’s age: an infant needs a lot more attention than a 2.5-year-old. We have prepared some tips for you that are more specific to each situation.
Working at home with an infant

While infants need a lot of attention,

the good news is that they get a lot of sleep. It is pretty easy to work at home with children under six months because they take several 3-4 hour naps during the day, giving you time to get ahead with your work. However, keep in mind that you will have to get up at night to feed him and that even two people can tire you out and lower your productivity.
You can also work perfectly by carrying your baby in a sling or a baby carrier, for example, to combine skin-to-skin contact and work.

You can also put accordingly,

sweetie, in a crib that you keep close to you all day. You will be able to work while remaining close to your little one and listening to him.
And, of course, you can even move his crib if you have room. However, keep in mind that a young baby should only sleep in his bed or cradle and constantly on his back.
Work Productively with a Baby
Your baby is a little older; he is now a few months old. He’s more alert and active, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to work. For example, you can let him have fun on a play mat or playpen while you work right next to him.
You can also install it in an activity chair or chair if you have one. Will entertain Your baby and busy, and you will have a little calm to move forward with your labor.

In addition, your baby will probably still have a nap in the morning and one in the afternoon, so use these moments of solitude to get along well.

Working at home with a toddler

Working at home with young children has its ups and downs. On the plus side, a toddler always naps once or twice a day and can play a bit independently. On the negative side, a toddler often asks for your attention.
Your child is usually able to play on his own for short periods at this age. You may have to be a tiny firm with him, but it is possible to make him understand that mom and dad need to work for the next half hour and that he needs to play in silence on his own. To help him know that this moment of loneliness will not last, you can, for example, put an alarm on your phone, a watch, or the microwave. It is essential to explain to them that this will not last and that afterward, you can take a break and play a bit or read together. Learn Vocabulary words that start with z for kids.

Keep in mind that your child needs to learn to play independently and use his imagination not to get bored.

To help him play on his own, set up a play space for your child, for example, by securing the living room well and letting your little one have fun all over the room while you work and keep a close watch. Eye from your office corner.
You can encourage this independent behavior by praising him and showing interest in what he has done to keep busy while you are working.
You can also, for standard, work at the living room table and organize a “desk for little ones” next to you, explaining that he can now work “as a big one” for 30 minutes before taking a break, for example, in s. ‘applying on a pretty drawing.

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