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Street Art: An Marvelous Way Of Expressing Your Emotions And Creativeness

An increasing trend of street art:

Have you ever noticed street art whilst just randomly wandering around the town? And have you ever wondered why street art is becoming so popular? In London specifically, street art is a form of commercial painting services mostly done by students. There is an increasing trend of street art and it has become a way of expressing your emotions by painting onto the walls.

Is street art legal or vandalism:

You might have noticed that street art is not only done by professionals but some university students voluntarily express their emotions through art on the walls around the town. It is a legal activity but taking the permission of the owner before creating art on their walls is necessary. If you do not take permission then it is not considered street art rather, it is considered ‘vandalism’.

The objective behind street art:

You might have noticed that the art you see on streets whilst wandering around in towns is mostly the reflection of things that you see happening around in the world. It is a way of manipulating viewers by drawing what they already know and making their point with the help of drawings. With the help of street art, the artists are just making the viewers more aware of the things which are happening around in the world.

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How did street art become so popular in such less time?

Street art gained a lot of popularity in a very less time because people felt that it was a great way of expressing their emotions. They could freely express their imaginations and creativity. They would not have to worry about society because they could create their work anonymously. Though, some painters preferred that their name should be mentioned on the paintings whereas others prefer to post their work incognito. But since, people felt like they did not have to take credit for their work and they could secretly draw anything they liked, then many people started to volunteer for street art.

Brands started using street art for their advertisement:

Many advertising companies and brands started to use these tactics to their advantage and used street art for advertising their products. This was also the reason due to which it gained immense popularity in a short time span. The painters whether they were professionals or just some students were getting paid by the brands for creating art that resonated with their brand. This graffiti art has enabled the brands to reach a larger number of people. Just imagine that billions of people wander on the streets all day and just imagine the number of people that will see the brand’s ads through graffiti art.

Graffiti art became a means of creating awareness amongst the public:

You may or may not have seen on the streets that graffiti arts usually tell stories in a sequence of pictures. They tell the people stories about politics, culture, art, society in general and it does not matter whether the story is good or bad. It is just a new way of informing individuals about their surroundings through art.

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