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Step By Step Guide For Launching Your Business with Gojek Clone App Malaysia

Gojek Clone is an On-Demand Service App that offers the most Customer-Driven and Life-Enhancing Services. It is an adopted Technology that contributes Major Values and Convinces of Living to its Users. In simpler words, this App has become the need of the hour as people are less willing to step outside their homes. The App delivers Mind-blowing Multi-Service under one Digital Roof.  


All-in-One Solutions like this App itself extends the Most Advanced Services like Taxi Ride Booking via iWatch, Door-to-Door Delivery of Food, Groceries, etc. Service Providers On-Demand, Parcel/Courier Delivery, and more. Above all, the App Owner gets loads of Business Opportunities with its par excellence Features like Integration of Preferred Languages, Currencies, or Payment Gateway, Real-Time Chatting, Video Calling with Service Providers, etc. And just like that, this Feature-Enriched, All-in-One Services App provides better Profit Earnings at Affordable Costs! 


Kudos to the decision of Launching your own On-Demand Multi-Service Business!  But what’s next? Well, the process starts with Developing the App, Testing it, and finally submitting it to the iOS or Android App Stores. 

Don’t lose your Sleep Over this process because a Globally Reputed White-Labeling Firm will help you get through it painlessly! 

The App Launch Process when the Entrepreneur decides to get a Pre-Built App that’s already Market-Tested over the years, Bug-Free, and Brimmed with Features. The Real Work starts from here! 

Step I: App Customization after the Free Demo App Trial

After the Entrepreneur tests the Firm’s Demo Apps until they’re sure that this is the ‘PERFECT APP’ for their Business, App Customization is initiated. 

The White-Labeling Firm’s Technical Manager asks a handful of Details, to begin with. Such as, 

  • Color-Theme of your Choice
  • How do you want your App’s Flash Screen to appear? 
  • Company’s Name & Logo
  • On-Demand Service Options and User-Centric Features that you want 
  • Languages, Currencies, and Payment Gateways that you want to integrate 

Step II: Pay for the Package and get a White-Labeled Gojek Clone App Malaysia 

Once the Entrepreneur provides all the Details asked in Step I, the process moves further. The App Owner pays the Package Cost in One-Go or Part-Payments as per their convenience. After which, the Developers Customize the App. Since Entrepreneur is opting for a Ready-Made App, the Firm requires only 7 Days to Rebrand their Base App with the App Owner’s Company Name & Logo and to Fully Customize it! The Firm leaves no trace of their Identity by replacing their Name & Logo with your Company’s. Also, in the process, they sign and follow strict NDA under which the Entrepreneurs’ and their Brand’s Identity is kept Secret!  

Step III: The Big-Fat App Launch

The Firm provides the Rebranded and Customized Demo Apps for Review. Only after the Entrepreneur has Tested, Reviewed, and Approved the Demo Apps on the Firm’s App Development Server, they will Launch the App. The App is launched on the iTunes Apple Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei Store if you want to! The Firm supports the Launch Step until the Apps are accepted by the App Stores and are now available for Download! 

Thereafter, the Firm zips and sends the White-Labeled App’s Lifetime Licensed Source Code for One Domain. This Source Code comes in handy if you want to Customize or make changes to the Gojek Clone App in the Future! 


Easy right? Well, things aren’t the same as they used to be back in the day. The Process of Launching your own On-Demand Multi-Service Business takes only 7 Days and not even a year! 

Get that PERFECT SUPER APP and become one of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs of 2022! This Year, you’re about to Star on the Cover Page of World Famous Business Magazines. 

Don’t lose this Business Opportunity of the Century!  Launch Custom Gojek Clone App now!

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