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Spice Board Registration Mistakes that you must prevent while filing

Spice Board Registration in India allows you to obtain a Certificate of Registration for Exporter of Spices or CRES. When it comes to spices, its exports is one of the many reasons India’s economic is still holding up even when the pandemic nearly annihilated it.

So, now you get the picture of how important is this registration. However, realizing this and following the steps correctly to obtain the registration is another matter. There are many mistakes that you can make that can either delay or completely cancel the registration process.

Thus, in this article, we have covered all the mistakes that you should avoid when filing the application of Spice Board Registration.

Not applying as an Indian Company for Spice Board Registration

The very first eligibility criteria to convince Spice Board of India for Registration is by telling them that you’re an Indian origin applicant.

Many forget that and thus, the prospect of exporting spices has moved many foreign companies to apply for Spice Board Registration. To them we would say – Sorry. Foreign companies aren’t allowed to export spices until and unless they are partially owned by a residential Indian.

Having a criminal record in India or anywhere else in the world

If you or any of the promoters of your company or any other business entity have been convicted of any criminal wrong doing, you’re not fit to get registration from Spice board of India. The rules clearly states for the criminal elements to stay away from the registration proceedings.

Thus, in case you have any partner or co-director with you. Fire them before going ahead with in this. If you can’t fire them, designate them to a lower role – one that can help them fly under the radar of Spice Board of India.

Not choosing the correct application form

When you go to the website to fill the form, you’re given two options. Either file the application as a merchant or a manufacturer.

Many aspiring spice exporters tend to choose the incorrect application form during this time. While they have time to go back and change it, they don’t.

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As a result, when the Spice Board sits to analyze their applications, they don’t know how to proceed. Consequently, the application is often cancelled.

Make sure to choose correctly before you file the form. While you can be forgiven because the details are the same, that won’t be enough to get your application accepted.

Not providing the correct documents

The process of Spice board registration in India hinges on you providing the correct documents to the authority. Without them, it won’t have any proof of the details you’ve specified in the application form and thus, won’t approve your request of grant of registration. ISNP Vs IRDA

Thus, you need to make extra certain that all the documents pertaining to the type of exporter you are applying as are attached to the final application form.


Whenever you file the application of spice board registration, you have to make sure that you adhere to all of the eligibility criteria and provide the board with correctly filed application.

Furthermore, it’s your job not to miss on providing the Spice Board with the correct documents.

Here are the Mistakes that you must prevent at the time of application filing. If you don’t your Spice board registration certificate won’t be issued.

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