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Secrets to Make your Burgers more Flavourful

If you are tired of the same old burger places, and your search tab consists of Burger Takeaway Near Mebecause no burgers taste more flavourful anymore, then you might consider making one yourself and try out adding new ingredients to come up with a new recipe and who knows in the future your own burger takeaway outlet. 

How Can You Make Your Burgers Be Tastier?

The problem with making a burger at home is that we as novices do not really understand the kind of meat that would go right with the type of bread and sauces that we are using. There are many other reasons that burgers may not taste as scrumptious as we want them to. But here is how you can work things out to have juicy and meaty burgers. 

Which Kind of Meat To Use in Burgers?

Balancing the right amount of beef for the burger chunks is the first step towards expert burger making. The finest minced beef for burgers is 80/20 ground chuck, which is composed of 80 percent lean meat and 20 percent fat. Ground chuck comes from the shoulder and has an optimum lean-to-fat ratio of 80/20 (not too lean) for a flavorful, juicy burger.

Ground round is derived from the cow’s back, tail section, upper thigh, and derriere. It’s considered extra lean ground beef at 85/15 and isn’t as flavorful as chuck, but it’s a good second choice for hamburgers.

Where Are You Getting The Meat From 

When discussing great burgers, meat is always going to be discussed thoroughly. Since meat is the centre piece of any burger, it ought to be as perfect as is possible. You cannot rely on the minced meat at the grocery stores to give you the flavour you are looking for. You have to be in contact with a butcher or a set-up which has regular slaughters as nothing makes food as delicious as fresh ingredients do. 

Retaining The Taste and Moisture of Burgers

Even the best cuts of meat can become a little dry. Adding spoonfuls of mayonnaise or yoghurt would is the secret ingredient that many famous outlets use in their burgers to add moisture and flavour to their best platters of burgers. Sour cream is another trick as well that is used to serve the same purpose. 

How About Adding Cheese to The Patty?

Adding a secret element like melted cheese to the patty or garlic-mayo sauce could really add a rich flavour to the burger. Also, in case you are opening a set-up for yourself, incorporating such small surprises could really awaken the customer and add drama to the taste of the burgers. People order food because they are bored at the food serving their taste at home burger takeaway near me. So bringing something interesting to the party would break the chain of monotony.

Time The Salting 

Many chefs try to salt the meat mixture way too early. Salt degrades the protein in beef, causing the inside of your burger to become soggy and tough. Instead, season the outside with a generous sprinkling of salt just before cooking. It is important particularly when you are preparing the burger  ahead of due time.

The Kind of Bread and Buns to Use

Firstly, the bread needs to be fresh. The more you are conscious about the bread the better your burger would be.  Out of the eight billion kinds of buns that are specifically designed and baked for burgers, you need to know what kind of bread you want and how would it complement the inner features of your burger. Whether it’s the English Muffin or the Italian style ciabatta, choosing the right bread would attract the appetite of people and would also satisfy it.

Play With Different Types of Sauces

Move away from traditional kinds of ketchup and try adding garlic mayo, mustard, BBQ and Worcestershire sauces. They would serve you with the rich flavour of beef and add to its juiciness. 


If you feel like the addition of new ingredients or sauces is making your burger soggy, you can add bread crumbs to prevent the stickiness and sogginess of it. Always try to be innovative and create different combinations of sauces. This would help you brainstorm different ideas and recipes that could yield profits in your efforts to make tastier burgers.


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