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Schemes Implemented To Maintain COVID-19 Hygiene In India

The spread of novel coronavirus has drastically affected people of entire regions of the world. The transmission of COVID-19 was extremely high and infectious. Still, people are dealing with the virus and facing the variants in the present situation. During the ongoing pandemic, people became aware of living in a hygienic environment to get rid of the infection. The government of India even implemented awareness among the public to maintain hygiene and sanitation during this challenging period.

As there was no vaccine in the earlier pandemic period, the only way to prevent the virus was by maintaining covid 19 hygiene and sanitation. This was the only way to get secure from the infectious virus. The necessary guidance is to maintain hygiene and sanitation through the WASH project.

According To WHO/UNICEF COVID-19 Hygiene Maintenance

The first preference towards self-hygiene was maintaining hand hygiene which predominantly helps prevent the virus. Washing the hands in a proper technique using essentials like alcohol-based hand wash will be more helpful.

The government’s efforts on the services through the WASH program will prevent people from the infectious virus. And the death rates to be decreased simultaneously.

Concentrating Of Important Areas To Lower The Impact Of Virus 

The prioritized areas are concentrated by the WASH services for an emergency response towards the spread of the deadly virus.

  • Implementation Of WASH Services In HealthCare Facilities

The WASH services are implemented in the healthcare sector to maintain hygiene conditions. This has primarily helped to deliver quality health services with hygiene and proper sanitation. It further protects both the patients and health workers. Due to improper management, millions of people have the chance to get infected.

During the ongoing pandemic, the services must meet the standards for ensuring hygienic conditions for the patients. The support of the service should enhance the healthcare sector to provide good alcohol-based hand hygiene products to the patients. All the relevant measures will help both the infected and non-infected patients live in a hygienic condition. Implementing these services in dispensaries, community health centers, and quarantine centers.

  • Enhanced Improvement In Handwashing Technique 

Improvement of handwashing behavior was highly concerned during the pandemic period. This was the important basic process to prevent the virus from entering the human body. The proper handwashing technique includes the usage of good alcohol-based hand sanitizer, rubs, and handwashes. The service provided the technique for washing the hand to get an effective result. Especially public places such as the railway station, schools, daily markets, and other areas require proper handwashing facility.

  • Emergency Support To Ensure Sanitation Service 

Sanitation maintenance plays a major role in maintaining hygiene. Proper sanitation facilities must be provided in essential places like hospitals, schools, stations, and other sectors. This will significantly help to get rid of the COVID-19 virus. The rural area needs extra attention as it stays unhygienic most of the time.

The WASH services provided core attention to the rural areas and spread awareness among the people to maintain covid 19 hygiene and sanitation to prevent infectious disease. The operation of water treatment plants among the relevant areas, maintenance of sanitation services, constructing water points, hygiene water delivery to the rural areas through trucks in the form of water bottles.

Response Of WASH Services To The Infectious Virus 

The WASH services were highly impactful for maintaining hygiene during the pandemic period. The response of these services helped millions of people in India get rid of the virus. The sanitation facilities in the healthcare sectors were merciful for all the health workers and the patients. This made people understand the importance of maintaining hygienic conditions. The services met the standards to serve the people of India effectively.

The government provides financial support to enhance the service among various regional sectors. The focus was highly on medical, education, transport, offices, and government sectors. These places have a high chance of spreading the infection due to huge crowds. It also ensured the supply chain process of hygienic hand products to reach the customers on time.

The handwashing behavior and proper hygienic products were essential to fight against the virus. The sanitation facility has made people live in hygienic conditions and get rid of contamination.

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