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Salesforce And IoT Based Solutions For Smart Banking And Finance

It is well known to all of us that the current era is all about the application of digital technologies in our day-to-day lives. Here, computer-based technologies and associated frameworks have taken over the place of regular practices because of their convenience. The application of technology is not limited to our personal use only. In fact, frameworks and solutions such as Package Development Model Salesforce are good for developing solutions necessary for business units.

In the present times, we all know that business setups have switched over to digital means. This transformation has created an entirely new dilemma for everyone because organizations have to tackle multiple challenges at the same time. Due to this, the level of competition increases to an entirely new level. This is where the need arises for advanced tools based on the functionality of Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

What Is IoT-Based Technology?

The Internet of Things is an advanced technology that enables networks of connected devices (e.g., sensors, cameras, microphones and smart gadgets) to collect real-time data, transfer it to the cloud for processing and analysis, and react to events in a timely basis. IoT-based tools play an important role in the present-day work culture of various industrial setups dealing with banking and finance, media and entertainment units, agriculture, healthcare, etc., in efficiently collecting data and processing the same to support the digital automation of key Büyükçekmece Escort processes.

Through IoT-enabled solutions, organizations dealing in BFSI and associated sectors can optimize their services and operations, enhance the security of transactions, and offer cutting-edge customer experience. As an added advantage to this advanced framework, apps developed via the AppExchange App Development model offer a complimentary suite to enterprise applications focusing necessarily on Marketing Automation, Data Analytics, Customer Service and Application Development.

About Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud allows an organization to connect its institution across geographies, businesses, and channels. In addition to it, the cloud-based system offers you the benefit of more visibility into existing in-house opportunities and provides a complete view of held-away and managed assets. It becomes possible because Salesforce serves as an integrated CRM platform. Thus, it succeeds in providing a comprehensive Cloud platform that fits correctly to cover all growth aspects of your organization.

The Package Development Model Salesforce cloud is an all-in-one Sales tool that is flexible enough to accommodate organizations of any size or industry. Through this tool, organizations can access their customer’s data on the go. It also assists in enhancing the service delivery framework, which is important for boosting business growth. At the current state of digital advancements, it is necessary for financial institutions to deliver the best-in-class services to their customers. So, to make the working segment handy to everyone, organizations need to deploy advanced framework in their work structure.

Features of Salesforce Financial Cloud

The features and benefits of Salesforce clouds are innumerable. However, here is the description of some salient features of cloud-based solutions offered by the Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

  1. Mobile-Friendliness: The applications developed on the Salesforce marketing cloud are good at delivering a good user interface. The reason for this relies upon the availability of tools and software on its app development platform. Through these tools, organizations can design and develop mobile-friendly Salesforce apps as per their requirements. This increases productivity and establishes a well-connected workforce. Apart from this, the tool-based solutions also assist in streamlining the employee desk for a quick delivery mechanism.
  2. Easy To Integrate Framework: Salesforce Cloud offers a boost to its core services through additional functionalities such as app integration framework and AI-based solutions. These include the development of custom-branded mobile apps; simple integration from ERPs, IoT, and Databases; and integration of predictive capabilities to all of its applications. See, if one wishes to enhance its service structure, it will require to offer easy to integrate features in its workframe. This is what becomes possible through Salesforce tools as companies can easily integrate advanced systems in their existing models through Cloud based applications.
  3. Personalized App Framework: Organizations can create smart apps with highly customized features through Salesforce Financial Cloud. These features can assist a firm in meeting its needs, delivering services, and procuring things on a timely basis. Everyone aspires to work on a framework that they like to work upon. This is what Salesforce offers with its solutions. It allows the developers to create highly customizable apps. Through its Package Development Model Salesforce companies can better deliver services as per users’ requirements.
  4. Extensive Help Structure: Salesforce Cloud delivers a highly curated library of industry-specific expert assistance. The assistance structure involves process flows, apps, templates, and components developed for tackling every issue experienced by users. In this digital space of marketing, companies can succeed with their offerings only if they come up with a robust support mechanism.

IoT Applications For Smart Banking And Finance


As discussed in the above strata, IoT is an advanced technology that assists in the automation of manual processes at its end. Through this device-based technology, the time-consuming and frustrating experience that people get in the long queues in banks has evaded a lot. This becomes possible because IoT technology finds its applications in the following ways:

  1. Smart Branch: IoT applications for smart branches are good for optimizing customer experience by monitoring queues and informing customers of their waiting time or guiding them to a free counter. Smart branches are also good at sharing user data for improvising workflows and minimizing staff involvement. Banks are also using face detection technologies to turn up their branch model into a smart one. See, the application of IoT based tools has simplified the banking a lot. In fact, the modern banks have made their banking facilities so simple that consumers can avail a lot of services on their smartphones itself.
  2. ATMs:The concept of Automated Teller Machines has revolutionized the world greatly with its easy-to-collect and distribute cash management system. In modern banks, IoT-enabled data flow assists banks in tracking customers’ activity, defining ATM patterns, and making demand-based ATM installation decisions. Data about an ATM site collected via IoT sensors is necessary to switch to cost-cutting operation modes; adjusting HVAC and lighting to ATM site foot traffic helps in lowering power consumption at the site.

Other Aspects

  1. Trade Finance: The modern-day banking structure is not limited to the collection and distribution of cash only. In fact, it has diversified its work area by including multiple practices. Among many, the trading segment is a highly vulnerable one because it relies on the concept of transparency. Banks, through the implementation of Package Development Model Salesforce – based tools, can ensure transparency in trade flows. The IoT-generated data can assist banks in better assessing the risks throughout the trade life cycle. Through  this, organizations can allocate funds efficiently, and scale up finance strategies to the optimum level.
  2. Insurance: In the modern times, technologies have evolved  to that level where the Insurance agencies are using IoT devices to monitor the condition of insured objects. Through these devices, insurers can receive alert about the objects on a timely basis so as to hint the owner about the condition. This thing is beneficial for both customers as well as to the insurer. To develop such frameworks, insurance agents require some advanced tools whose construction is possible through applications developed  via AppExchange platform.

These are some applications that we can find in the modern-day banking structure through IoT-based Salesforce solutions.

Where To Seek Consultation For The Required Strategy?

As a business entity, you cannot manage everything on your own, especially in this highly advanced digital age. Here, you need to work in coordination with some experts. This is why you should seek assistance from industry experts like Dreamstel. Dreamstel Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading Salesforce Consulting company that offers its assistance to industries dealing in various segments. Businesses can check the official site to learn more about the service structure of Dreamstel Technologies.

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