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You can receive QuickBooks Error 15102 once you download a payroll or update QuickBooks Desktop. The error message states, “Error 15102: didn’t Reset Update”. you need to follow a group procedure to implement or download payroll or updates. Not doing so may result in errors like error 15102, which could be a payroll update error. this text will uncover the fundamentals of this error that including the causes and therefore the solutions associated with this error. After reading this text, you’ll have ample knowledge to resolve this error on your own.

If you want to know any step in-depth, you’ll reach resolute the team of QuickBooks Professionals at 1-855-948-3646.

Causes Of Payroll Update Error 15102

The reasons for this error are pretty specific. However, knowing them is of great advantage as understanding the causes can benefit you in resolving this error quickly. a number of the explanations for the error are discussed below:

1. Shared Download is on. However, the required location is invalid or not accessible.
2. QuickBooks is working during a terminal services environment in multiuser mode.
3. You are not logged in as a Windows administrator if you’re using Windows Vista.

With the explanations in mind, you’ll actively pursue the methods for this error that are explained within the next section.

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Solutions For QuickBooks Desktop Error 15102

Before you implement the methods explained below, ensure that you simply have a vigorous payroll subscription. Also, download the newest tax table and update QuickBooks to the most recent release. undergo the methods explained below:

Solution 1: Switch To Single User Mode

This is the primary approach you’ll be able to undertake to resolve this error. Sometimes implementing these simple measures is enough to resolve this error. undergo the steps given below to repair error 15102:

1. Log out of all the users within the network if you’re using QuickBooks in Multi-User mode.
2. Open QuickBooks on the system that’s experiencing problems.
3. In the File menu, click on Switch To Single User.
4. Update QuickBooks another time.

You can go to the subsequent set of measures if these steps haven’t assisted you.

Solution 2: Verify Mapped File Location

Performing these measures can facilitate your resolve this error. Execute the easy steps given below to resolve error 15102 while running payroll in QuickBooks:

1. You can open the merchandise Information Window. Then find the mapped location path and write it down.
2. Select Help and so QuickBooks.
3. Click on the choices tab. Check the information or information in Download Location.
4. If Shared Download is about to Yes, then the drive-in Download Location should be the identical drive that the merchandise Information Window displays.
5. Suppose Shared Download displays No, the directory in Download Location should be comparable to QuickBooks installation directory.
6. Now, if the situation is wrong, you’ll change the state of the situation. you’ll select any of the 2 options. to try to to so reverse the choice selected. Now, finally, click on Save.
7. Click on Close and download the latest tax table.

Go through the subsequent steps if these measures haven’t fixed your error.

Solution 3: Remap The Drive

You can remap the drive to a brand new letter if the download location is correct. Execute the measures given below to resolve QuickBooks Error 15102:

1. Close QuickBooks company file.
2. You can now remap your network drive to a replacement letter.
3. Open your company file using the new mapped-drive letter.
4. Choose Help and so update QuickBooks.
5. Click on the choices tab.
6. Now put off Shared Download. Now turn it back on.
7. Check that the download location is using the new mapped-drive letter.
8. Click on Save and so Close.
9. Download the most recent tax table yet one more time.

Try the subsequent method if these steps convince be of no benefit to you.

Go through this blog to fix QuickBooks Error 12002.

Solution 4: Run QuickBooks As An Administrator

Running QuickBooks as an administrator can resolve this and lots of other errors in QuickBooks. Implement the steps explained below to repair error 15102 downloading payroll update:

1. Right-click on the QuickBooks icon and choose Run As Administrator.
2. You can safely click on Continue when the UAC(User Account Control) prompts you to run the appliance.
3. Finally, update QuickBooks to the latest release.


QuickBooks Error 15102 can get fixed quickly, provided you’ve got an exact direction to figure in. to realize that, you need to completely understand the causes of this error. Knowing the precise explanation for your error will lead you to a perfect solution. For the measures mentioned during this blog, you’ll be able to implement them carefully to mend this error once and for all.

For any quality assistance or technical support, you’ll reach dead set the team of Payroll Professionals at 1-855-948-3646.

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