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Pros And Cons Of Having Flat Roof Installed On The House

Houses in Bedfordshire have mostly have sloped roofs that are made of red zinc-clad material. Flat roof houses can rarely be seen but there definitely are some houses that have flat roofs installed in them. Though the majority of the houses have sloped roofs when these steep roofs are compared with the flat roofs then they can have a few disadvantages.

The major problem which the people with sloped roofs considerably face is that they decrease the utility of the roof to a greater extent. This exactly is not the issue with a sloped roof and on the other steep-slope buildings are not really feasible for the multiple-story buildings.

Flat roofs have their own pros and cons as well and are very important for people to know who is planning to get it installed in their house in near future.

Offer lower construction repair costs:

Since flat roofs take up less space consequently they also use less construction material which results in lower construction costs. The installation cost is relatively cheap which results in saving a lot of money. Because of cheap materials and lower construction cost you might want to get frequent flat roof repair services in Bedfordshire. Keep in mind that the repairing is not much costly either but if there is extreme damage then extensive mending would be required.

Are extremely energy efficient:

Flat roofs have the tendency to reduce the electricity bills both in the summer and the winter seasons because of the great insulation that they have to offer. The insulation of flat roofs is very rigid and does not have gaps between them which keep the cold in the warmer seasons and consequently warm in the colder seasons. On the other hand, the insulation of sloped roofs has a gap between them which allows the air to escape through it resulting in higher energy bills.

Space can be effectively used for different purposes:

Since flat roofs are easier to access therefore they can be used for a number of other purposes. Mostly they are used for creating a green patch on top of the roof. No extra effort needs to be put in order to maintain the greenery. It regularly receives sunlight and other than that you can water it at regular intervals. The list of things which you can grow on it is not limited, literally, everything can be grown on it. People usually grow herbs like lavender, rosemary, thyme, and other things like that which require less water. Other than that vegetables like tomatoes and eggplants can also be grown in it which require less sunlight and less water.

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Have very little life-expectancy:

The disadvantage of a flat roof is that its life expectancy is very low. They last for about 15 years which is not very long for a roof. The material which is mostly used in flat roofs is rubber which is not very durable. Though other types of materials such as PVC or polycarbonate roofing are becoming available there is no information about how long they will last at the moment.

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